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It has been over 2 months since my last blog post! Acck!!

I need more followers..hmmm...

Well lets update:

I work..school has been on hold; until next year. I got a new car!! whoop whoop! I've been trying to establish myself on youtube..haha (actually my effort has been considerably low). I'm more of a consistant watcher. I get frustrated with editing too. Soo..I'll probably be more of a blogger. Maybe I'll solicit my blog on comments of my fave subscriptions...MAYBE.
Most important.. I'm 21!! FINALLY!

Lets see... I got a new car..an iphone again!

Umm..umm.. my checks have to be budgeted now because of ALL the bills I have to pay..and working as a cashier doesn't leave my much to budget with!

GUESS WHERE IM GOING SOON! Specifically Oct. 22-24! Disneyland! So excited! Last time I went was for new years '07 before a mexico cruise with friends. It was very unjoyable..wet/rainy. I'm going for my boyfriends birthday! I can't wait! Just 3 more weeks left from Thursday. We're staying across the street at a hotel one night..then either staying with a friend the next night in order for us to PARTY HARDY in L.A or at his uncles house in Moreno Valley..either way our last day there we're heading to the city walk. Whoop whoop! I'm taking off a week from work..Wednesday Oct 21 I plan to bake my huni a cake..I already ordered his presents and just got the last one TODAY!

Lastly before I finish this post..Halloween is soon after our disney trip! The next week actually. I'm hoping to go clubbing! I went back and forth with my hun deciding what to be. But unfortunetly with some financial issues my hun can't get a costume with me SO I get to be what I have always wanted...a GEISHA! Sexy sexy..lol super excited! I might order it this check..idk..I better do it quick tho!