So, this past weekend I didn't post a Weekend Outfit or a Weekend Recap. BECAUSE, I didn't really do anything special besides shop on Sunday and I just posted about that with a video..previous most Click Here.

Soon to come... (not in any particular order)

  • March Favies
  • A look into my life (Purse video)
  • Weekend outfits III
  • Weekend Recap





Weekend Recap

Monday Mornings are a drab... I'm relaxing and chilling before work, again! Another night of closing. So..let me blog!
Friday! Worked as usual. Went home and got ready and went to Bub's. I was soo tired. I drank half a Four Loco, and watched they guys play some Wii. They were ready to play beer pong at 12 and I wanted to sleep. So I did! I fell asleep for like an hour..and a half..woke up around 3 and listening to the loud asses for a while until about 430 they left to Jack. Bub stayed, his drunk butt was Beer pong champ, for a second weeekend ina row. Whoop! lol. I fell back to sleep around 530.
Saturday! Worked at 130 until 915. Went by super fast because it was super busy, thank goodness. Rushes home and got ready with the quickness. It was just Javi, myself, and Bub. Drank the rest of my Four Loco, and got a buzz real quick hehe. We went to get Dos Equis, had about one of those and we started watching The Crazies. Javi got called outside to his 'cougar' (older woman he's messing with) and I started to eat a ice cream. We made sandwiches lol and finished watching the rest of the movie.. and as we were about to hit the hay at 230 Javi decided to come bak! lol. He got his sandwich and left. Very chill night.
Sunday! Work..ugh! Decent day-ish. But, we were having a Cashier meeting. Luckily, I didn't have to attend till the last hour. Just a bunch of nonsense. Came home and couldn't fall asleep right away. So it's monday now and I was supposed to go to the clinic to get a TB test for the school job I landed. OH yea! I did great in my interview! haha..But I was exhausted..so tomorrow, on my day off, I'll attempt to go again. I work wednesday a very short shift then have Thurs. off and work the rest of the weekend. Pay day friday! I'm hoping to get some new makeup..Next check I'll probably start shopping for summer clothes!
Yup..that's about it.. Till next week!
Coming up: Weekend outfitts III, Weekend Recap, March Faves..any other requests?


Weekend Outfits II

Top: Affections
Shoes: American Eagle
Bottoms: American Eagle

Top(s): Cami-Affections Shawl: Forever21
Bottoms: Victoria Secret
Shoes: Charolette Russe

Top: Charolette Russe
Bottoms: American Eagle
Shoes: Forever21
Necklace: Affections



It's Monday!
My weekend was okay! LOL.
Got of work at nine went home to get ready and headed to Bub's house! The guys were already there and playing beer pong. Everyone left around 2 and tht was that. Slept in a lil and woke up at 12 to go get ready for another work day!
Left work an hour early, eight to be exact. Got ready and headed to a friends house where everyone already were at. Another night of beer pong. Had a few drinks. O and my girlfriend from work came to have a beer she left within the house. After beer pong was all over, which I'd like to add Bub's was the champ that night. We all talked about going to denny's for like two hours and finally went at Five o'clock on the morning. OHEMMGEE what a late night meal! LOL. The waitress so was soo upset. We were a nuiscense. It was awful but funny. Finally went to sleep at six.
Woke up at twelve. Got ready to head to Fresno. Today was my beb Noah's 4th birthday!! We went to a place called the SuperMall and I got a pair of glasses. Went to JambaJuice! Yumm! I was not having any luck finding a present. At Toys R Us Bubba found this aweesome glow in the dark Hulk mask, and my beb Noah is really into the hulk right now, so Phillip got it for him. We made a pit stop at Ross where I found two totally cute outfits for the little monster. We went to Urban Outfitters and phillip bought a beer pong rack. We ended out Fresno trip with dinner at my fave restuarant BJ's. AMAZING fried chicken sandwich. It was soo late when we arrived two and a half hours late to Noah's party. It was a last minute party at Round Table and they had already ate, cut the cake, and had just finished opening present by the time we got there. We watched him open his presents and I gotta say ours were THE best, lol. He loved his mask, as you can see in the picture! We just went home after played some Wii and I took at 9 o' clock nap and didn't fall asleep until Two! I was watching Donnie Darko, and I made bub's watch it too so he only got two and a half hours of sleep..Eek!
Today is Monday..
I close for the next two days then have wednesday off. Thursday I open and have to come home to get rady for my 3:40 interview with the school district. Hope I get it!!



3.12-3.14 Outfits

Top: Charolette Russe
Bottoms: Victoria Secret Leggings
Shoes: Cathy Jean
Jewelry: Forever21 Charm Rings
Forever21 Heart Locket

Top: Tilly's
Bottoms: American Eagle Artist Jean Long
Shoes: Baker's Tan Wedges

Top: Tilly's white T
Bottoms: American Eagle skinny's
Shoes: UGG calf-length tan boot folded

Note: Taking self pics is hard..lol Ill work on it!

China Glaze Cherry Pop!

Hello Dolls! I recently went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply in dyer need for China Glaze. I love to get my nails done and adore designs but my nail salon is not that talented with designs. So I figured I would just start doing a solid color. Also, while I love the pampering of a manicure I have other bills to pay and I recently saw a YouTube video on sccastaneda's youtube (check her out HERE and subscribe!) about applying Acyrilic nail for beginners with a Kiss product and I loved how east it looked so I'll be trying that within the next two weeks and do a review.
Anywhoo, there was a sale by 2 for $10. I only got four because I was on a time limit and I couldn't pick which colors were really unique to me, if I had time and more money I probably just would have taken all of them!
So I bought (from left to right), from the Up&Away collection Peachy Keen; which is a lovely light orange color I'm wearing on my toes as of now, Lubu Heels (which was mentioned on JLovesMac1's youtube); a beautiful red color with black sparkles, another Up&Away colletive High Hopes; a summer pink, and lastly Watermelon rind; a fun green with sparkles of silver.
I hope to get more China Glaze!


Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Today is semi-sunny with clouds definitly rolling in later this afternoon! =) I have to go to work at 115 today. I am drinking a cup of coffee from my beautiful Puerta Vallarta cup I got from Mexico centuries ago. I woke up to my grandparents car alarm sounding off in the garage which is directly infront of my room. So yesterday I worked 115-8 and it was an easy day. I hope it flows the same tonight.
Alot of things have been occuring good and bad. The good is I've had an interview with Macy's last week, which I don't think I'll get called back for because after being interviewed and scanning the area it didn't seem like the right enviorment for me. I also have an interview next Thursday with the county school district for instuctional aids, which would be an awesome job! Although, I wouldn't keep the full time my only job, I only get paid once a month! Eek!! Lastly, while browsing like usual through the jobs at my local mall the new Forever21 FINALLY issued a post for hiring new employees for the new store! I immediatly sent in my resume..hell ya I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one! Folding clothes sucks..but its forever21!!!
Anywhoo.. Tonight after work I'm heading to my Bub's house to spend the night. The next day I get paid and need to put gas and also meet my friend to go get a battery for bub's car. I close Friday and Saturday but I get Sunday off, chea!
Sunday me n Bub are planning on going to merced to eat Mountain Mikes (best pizza ever) and then head to Modesto to go to the mall. I need to by my babi Noah a birthday gift.. hmm.. probably clothes. That little chunky monkey never appreciates the toys I want to buy him.
So.. I'll leave it at that I'll probably do some Outfit of the Night posts and my weekend recap Sunday..we'll see.



First weekend of March Twenty-Ten

Friday! I had to open..once again for work. After I was relieved tht tonight my bub and I were just going to relax. We ate Carl's Jr and watched 2012. I ended up falling asleep late anyways! I woke up early to get ready to head to work at 7am! My day went by super fast!

Saturday! Got up from my nap and got ready to go bowling in Fresno with the guys and Anita. It was fun!! Drank to strawberry daquiris..delish!! I suck at bowling!!!! Bub had a blst..it as a good night that ended at a decent time!

Sunday! Worked another morning shift. It was so busy and, luckily, went by fast! I came home and was exhausted but got ready to head to Bub's to hang out. I took a short nap..we grubbed..watched tv..played th Wii. Overall nice weekend. Cannot wait for the next since this past weekend was my LAST opening, hopefully for a while. As for the rest ofthe week I work a whole bunch Tuesday is my day off and I just want to be a bum, aside from going and applying for a job at a school. I close all week and weekend. I hope it goes by quickly, the weather has been great and it would be awesome to have a bon fire this weekend! Yupp!



I ♥ Forever21

Mineral Royal Tee

Jeweled Bow Earrings

Charm Rings


Rebel Rose Print Cardigan



Feby's Favies

And we begin.. with my first favorites. I've decided to become a loyal blogger, rather than Youtuber. I can't seem to always get motivated to make a film; and typing is simple for me! Anywhoo, this is my first favorties..anything. Enjoy!

This is my floral tote purse from Forever21. I recieved this at the begenning of Feb., sometime after Vday. I believe it was 15.80. I loved how it looked! Although the strap is rather longer than I had hoped for its oversized and spacious. I might cut and shorten the straps..eventually. BTW I have a What's In My Purse video up on my Youtube, which was my last live video. Click Here if you would like to see it. Also, if anyones interested in an updated version..call me! lol
My suede, tan, platform pumps from Forever21 are my absolute favorite shoe I have ever owned!! They are soooo comfortable, it's ridiculous. They cost
19.80. They are not available anymore and WHAT a bummer because..mine are ruined, lol. You can't tell from this photo..but yes, they are. I fell..and they scuffed..and ugh. I can't even talk about it. So I can really only wear them with long pants.

Sally Hansen natural beauty foundation. What I love about this is the color match!..That's about it. I have recently developed overly oily skin. It's become such a problem. Prior to this I was using Almay ritually and it was my fave but once the oil started practically dripping I decided to switch things up. I chose this..like I said the color match is perfect but it's not helping my skin any so within the next month I will probably turn from drugstore products to Sephora or Mac, I'm not sure yet.

Clean & Clear is the one facial product that had been working for me since..forever. I love Lush so this past Vday I bought some products to help with my oily skin. But, I still use Clean&Clear to remove my makeup. This foam dissolving stuff works like a charm!! You wet your face with warm water, pump a few times from the bottle then gently wash your face, and rinse with warm water! It makes my face feel so fresh and clean and the makeup is all gone! I definitely recommend!

This small planner is from Glitzy-glam.com, which you may or may not know is from Blair and Elle @youtube's website. I think they are currently sold out but it was about 12-13 dollars. I love it! This is an amazing organized planner that keeps me in check! I usually fall short with keeping up with my planners but its so well divided and easy I religiously look and update it.

My last favorite of Febuary is my Love Rock's purfume by Victoria Secret. I recieved this as a gift but I think this sized bottle is between 15-20 dollars. The smell is mature and romantic! It's one of the stronger purfumes I have and that I normally don't go for, but I fell for this one! It's not like as strong as the "old lady" purfume from Avon or anything.. Mature and Romantic. It makes you want to follow the person who is wearing this just to figure out what it is called. I can't compare it to any distinct smell because it very much it's own.

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed my Feby favies.. Stay tuned for next month and more blogs!



Where have I been?

Lets make this short and sweet..

I've been MIA..I moved.. etc etc. LOL.
I haven't been focused on alot. BUT It is time for me to get my act together!

I'm back!!!