Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin:
Yea...I don't know about this. I've been using for almost a month. Not happy. It hasn't quite reduced my shine. It definitly doesn't apply well with my Essence of Beauty blender brush..I resort to my fingers. Which is much better. I don't like the coverage. It doesn't last me any longer than six hours which is a bust if I'm heading out of town and want to look silky the whole way through. Hmm.. I'm kinda at a loss of words now. That's the gist of how I feel about this product on my skin. I also purchsed the concealer from this line. It's rather watery. Definitely doesn't conceal anything.
What should I try next? Clinique?
Hard Candy Volumnizing Mascara:
Well.. I actually like this item. I've been searching for a color to match my HiP cream liner and this is definitly it! Although, I don't know why they say it's volumizing the wand is definitely for length. At first try I used just this product and applied 3 coats, it clumped. Ack! Second time around I applied this mascara first then one more coat of my Lash Blast volumnizing mascara and it was muuch more workable. I would recommend it.

Weekend Outfits/Recap



Shawl: Forever21

Tights: VS


Dress: Forever21

Note: I'll be combining the two categories together in my posts now. But, this weekend was awful for me, so I'm not going to blog about it.


To be skinny... Or not..

So.. For my height Im supposed to Weigh 135. I'm about 40lbs over weight. Yikes!
I'm thick and it's flattering in some ways bu when my pants feel like there sqeezing me impolitely in all the wrong places and my arms look like the hulks in a strapless, it sucks!
Not to mention my actual reason for having overly oily skin and break outs and occasional bad BO (tmi), is all cuz of
My weight gain and bad eating habits!
I don't wana look like Nicole Richie I wana be healthy. And healthy for me is 135. If I thunk about it generally 40lbs is ONLY 40lbs but if I get technical.. Do u kno how long it might take a woman to lose 40lbs? Lol..
Ugh.. It won't hurt me to eat a healthy snack size bfast.. Or work out or 20mins before I take a shower or before I go to bed. I just need the motivation.. I'm lazy and always sleepy BUT thts because of my unhealthiness!
I hate getting hot fast, I hate feeling like I'm breathing really loud, or looking like a heffer in all my cute outfits.
O to be thin.. I signed up for a bet between myself and seven other coworkers, for whomever loses the most weight between us all gets the "pot". The pot being the total amount of money we all put in (20$ ea.).
I love fruit I looove salads and thts all gravy it's those damned greasy fast foods
Tht offer quick meals tht get to me..
So my goals are to..

Eat something small when I wake up
Drink plenty of water-cut outthe sugar drinks
Eat smaller portions and/or chewy slowly (doing so makes u feel satisfied, ur brain take 10mins to process if u full)
NO fast food.. Resturants on special
Occasions hehe
And exercise 20 mins a day

Yupyup.. Let's see how this goes..
Wish me luck!!

-- JennikaLuv frm my iPhone


Weekend Recap

Ohh..what a boring weekend!

Friday: Worked 10-7..got all dolled up..I was so exhausted from work..I drank a few drinks..one beer, played Texas Hold'em with Bub and the guys..they attempted to play beer pong..
(Me getting ready Fri, the mess!)
We headed over to a kick back down the street. Bad Vibes. But I got to see my friend Drea and Mitchell. Bub was drunk and annoying. We left around 2, went to Jack. Me n bub got into an argument..we eventually fell asleep..woke up feeling like CRAP!!!

Saturday:..I called in hehe. My head was throbbing but I think it actually was due to me crying the night before. I get bad migranes once I cry and all the snot
works its way into my sinuses..lol TMI. Anywhoo..Bub was hungover. We were lazy.. I slept all day and finally went home at 6 to go BACK to his house at 730. We ate, took medicine, went to walmart and I passed out at 12!

Sunday: Still had a migraine, almost called in. I took more medicine at work and by 6 my pain finally went away..

So..it's monday now and I work aagain at 130. I get two days off and its pay week!! woohoo! I work all weekend again..I dont need to be spending money anyway, Phillip and I are planning a trip to San Diego for his birthday.. It's always too hot to do anything for mine, which is in august.. BUT I better get something good! lol..jk. TTUL!

Weekend Outfits IV

Top: Affections
Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Charloette Russe

Top(s): Forever21 and affections
Bottoms: Valeur pants by Express
Shoes: Forever21 (excuse my danky toes lol)


Mmm..Strawberries n Cream

THIS ..is my weakness, not candy or ice cream, or chocolate..strawberries and creme. I thought I would share my guilty pleasure..its yummy.

What You'll Need

Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmellow creme, and strawberries.
A bowl and spoon

Mix together the cream cheese and marshmellow creme until smooth (no lumps)


Random Bloggage

So today I had a bad day, for those who follow my twitter, u know wa'sup. Anywhoo..I was in need of retail therapy. So I'm doing a mini haul and OOTD.

Sweater: Forever21
Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: AE
Sandals: Forever21 (although u can't see'em)

Mini Haul: Flea Market/WalMart

Hair Ties and Clips all $1.00

Flower rings $1.00 ea.

Hard Candy items all $6.00 ea.

First Item: Book of Shadows Temptation with 5 shades, included eyeshadow primer.
(Swatches from left to right, top to bottom in the book)

Second Item: Hard Candy Volumizing Mascara in Mudslide

Last Item: Hard Candy Painted Lady lipstick in Hot shot
(Swatch Above, love this color!)


Tag: 3's of Me!

Val.Hearts.Makeup did this tag last month to all her followers, I'm a new one..it looked fun!

Three names I go by:
1. Jennika
2. Jenn
3. Hun

Three jobs I have had:
1. Soccer Ref( I played soccer 8 yrs, then ref'd, then coached)
2. Williams Kenpo Karate (Started as a student, worked my way up to instructor and receptionist)
3. Lowe's (Let's build something together)

Three places I have lived:
1. Central Cali
2. Arizona
3. Salinas/Gonzales area

Three favorite drinks:
1. Aloha Pineapple from Jamba (yumm)
2. Dr Pepper
3. Strawberry slushies from Sonic

Three TV shows I watch:
1. V
2. The Bad Girls Club
3. Real World

Three places I have been:
1. Vegas
2. Mazatlan
3. um..some where else in mexico idk

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Malaysia
2. Portugal/Spain
3. Europe

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Bubba
2. My mom
3. Melissa (coworker)

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. Full House
2. FAmily Matters
3. Magic School Bus

Three favorite dishes:
1. Chicken Alfredo from BJ's
2. Carne Asada tacos from El Amigo
3. Curly Fries..not a dish but I luv'em

Three makeup products I cannot live without:
1. Foundation
2. Mascara!
3. Brow liner i use lol

Three things I'm looking forward too:
1. Next vaca with Bub's
2. Seeing if I get my job manana!
3. ..Him sayin those three words =)

Three people I'm tagging:
3. All my other Luvies!


Weekend Recap

Friday! Enjoyed my day off! I was supposed to go to my orientation for my 2nd job at 830am, I planned on waking up at 645am. I woke up at 530 and was like ehh..more sleep. I heard my phone get a text and I woke up, my bf wished me luck..I look at time 840am WTF!!! I set my alarm for 645 PM! OMFG. I called and whined a message on the phone of the woman giving the orientation. I got ready, I still had plans to shop. Luckily, she returned my call and said I could meet with her then. Whoohoo! Got my badge and all kindsa other info. Good to go! Went shopping..Came back and did a quick outfit change and left to head BACK to Fresno to go watch Clash of the Titans with bub. Great movie. We ate at Me&Ed's Coney Grill. Awesome! Went to a few more stores then headed back. Went to Casino with friends..major headache there from all the cigarette smells. Boring! Left to Fresno to some "party"..what a bust...ended up at home at 3.
Saturday! Worked 2-8. Hurried home to get ready because I wanted to make it in time to watch the UFC fight's that were on. Saw last one..horrible fight. We chilled. I drank some PAssion Rum with Pineapple juice..yumm! Got a buzz but I was totally exhausted. I left at 2 by myself to Bub's house. He came home an 1hr 1/2 later. Good night!
Sunday! Worked 2-830, it was raining! (A rainbow came out!) Grabbed some Denny's with Bub for dinner. Came home and blogged it! Check out my two previous posts!
Monday! Had an interview with an Animal Shelter this morning at 10. I went, filled out an app. then got sent home? I thought I was supposed to meet with someone. As I was leaving I got a call from the office..Whoops! Receptionist didn't know. I returned and had a good itnerview..To my surprise they brought up a nother position ultimately giving me the opportunity to work my way up to a Vet TEch without going to school! OMG DREAM COME TRUE! I jumped on it..I got to set up another interview with the actualy Veterinarian there Wednesday morning at 8am. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get any position, vet tech or receptionist. I'm so happy how many opportunities I've been getting since trying to find another job..Anywhoo..that's about all. :)

What's in my purse?

Video Haul Time!!

Sorry..It's bad editing, I was in a hurry! lol..Enjoy!


Weekend Outfits III

Top(s): Cami: Affections Sweater: Forever21
Bottoms: AE
Shoes: Charolette Russe

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Cathy Jeans?


Skin Care Routine

So...My skin is Combination/Oily, I rarely break out, which I am sooo thankful for. My T zone killlsss me when it's oily. I've been using Sally Hansen makeup and soon I'll be trying Maybelline..anyway, this is my routine..

Mornings: I usually wake up and take a shower, afterwards I use this Morning burst shine control face wash with exfoilating beads. It usually leaves my face feeling fresh and rid of oils.

Before putting my makeup on: I apply Clean&Clear pore perfecting moisturizer. Loves it! I never feel like its totally packing on more crap on my face, the smell is refreshing like its actually doing something! lol..

Once a week: perferrably every Sunday, for me, I use this in shower facial. You apply it and let the steam work with the mask. Your supposed to leave it only a minute, I leave it for three so I can feel the tingly sensation. It removes any dry excess skin and your face feel unbelievably smooth!

Every night: I'll remove my makeup with this foaming cleanser. Loves it! Used with warm water..it makes my skin completely clean..and although, without applying any sort of night cream it makes my face a little dry I'm okay with that because I don't want any sort of oil in my skin before I fall asleep..

And that is my routine..Clean&Clear product are the one face product that work so great with my skin. I love them! I only use the basics because my skin doesn't break out usually. But I'm sure their acne treatments are wonderful as well.