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Sally Hansen's natural beauty foundation
So I bought this item in early Feburary and shared it in my blog as a Feb. Favie because of the skin color match. I still love how great it matches my color, but I've had other problems with it. When buying this product I noticed there weren't any oil free or for sensitive skin, etc, combos for this product. I was so eager to try it I Was like whatever. When applying it the finish offers a glow, which doesn't suit my skin because I already have a shine, due to my oily-prone skin, and I feel like I need to blot real quick after each application. Another factor, the smell is not lovely. Its a harsh pastey smell. I feel like I shouldn't get too close to my boyfriend because my face might smell lol. The coverage is great tho, near to med-full coverage.I do sleep with my makeup overnight when I'm at my boyfriends (yes bad habit) and I broke out immeditely with this product. It's been killin me..eek!
Overall, for myself, I'd rate this product a 4! I can't deal with the shine and breakouts. But, for normal skin types this might work because of the duey shine it gives as a finish, might very well compliment that normal skin tone. AS for the smell...ehh maybe others wont acknowledge it. I'm eager to try Maybellines new Color Stay foundation or go back to Clinique's foundation, which I used to use all the time, but I'd rather pay drugstore price..err..we'll see.


BarbieBella said...

i like ur blog! super cute

Molly Tamale said...

Thanks for following. Liking your posts girl. Keep posting. I've tried out that pore minimizing moisturizer & I <333 it. Heard bout the Revlon's Mauve it Over lipstick too. Must remind myself to get that next time I go to Target.

Dude...I seriously adore your CHEEKS!! I can imagine how much fun you have applying blush and bronzer on it =). Your skin is freaking smooth looking too. What do you use *skincare & foundation wise*?

JennikaLuv said...

Molly Tamale, thanks for following as well! Ahh..I luv your blog!

Lol, I plan to keep posting. I've been wanting to post my skin routine so, I'll answer ur question within a few..

Aww..Thanks. I used to haaatteee my cheeks, until I started using makeup of course lol. It's fun, I'm still getting used to applying blush/bronzer and I'm still trying to find a great combo for my skin color..anywhoo..I look forward to seeing more post and comments from you!

Take Care!!

Molly Tamale said...

Okie Dokiee.

Umm if you tell me your shade in MAC's shade..I can probably help you with blush shades to go with it.<3's ya!!