Weekend Recap

Ohh..what a boring weekend!

Friday: Worked 10-7..got all dolled up..I was so exhausted from work..I drank a few drinks..one beer, played Texas Hold'em with Bub and the guys..they attempted to play beer pong..
(Me getting ready Fri, the mess!)
We headed over to a kick back down the street. Bad Vibes. But I got to see my friend Drea and Mitchell. Bub was drunk and annoying. We left around 2, went to Jack. Me n bub got into an argument..we eventually fell asleep..woke up feeling like CRAP!!!

Saturday:..I called in hehe. My head was throbbing but I think it actually was due to me crying the night before. I get bad migranes once I cry and all the snot
works its way into my sinuses..lol TMI. Anywhoo..Bub was hungover. We were lazy.. I slept all day and finally went home at 6 to go BACK to his house at 730. We ate, took medicine, went to walmart and I passed out at 12!

Sunday: Still had a migraine, almost called in. I took more medicine at work and by 6 my pain finally went away..

So..it's monday now and I work aagain at 130. I get two days off and its pay week!! woohoo! I work all weekend again..I dont need to be spending money anyway, Phillip and I are planning a trip to San Diego for his birthday.. It's always too hot to do anything for mine, which is in august.. BUT I better get something good! lol..jk. TTUL!

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