Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bubba's Frankinstein

My funny face

Penny chillen' throughout the entire carving...
So I had been mentioning to Bub's that I wanted to carve a pumpkin. He totally surprised me with one! YAY! So we busted out his table in his room (lol) and started carving. It totally brought my back to my childhood days and for him as well. It was fun.. We did two faces on one pumpkin. Too bad we did it too early and it molded and has been trown out lol, o well!

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I absolutely hate myself. I deleted my pictures. But I did a repeat outfit. Black tights with a black cami and a olive green light t-cardi over with a chunky chain and for shoes I wore toast colored calf-high boots. I had asked Bub's a week earlier to just chill with me, not the guys, maybe some alcohol but just us. To my satisfaction he said YESS! Lol.. He loooves his guy time. Anyhoo.. we both worked and then went to Burlington Coat Factory (bub's new fave. store) and shopped. (Which I have a haul for and I will film and post later) Afterwards we went to a fwe more stores like Ross, and Marshalls, and Target. We got In N Out, Jamba..vistied Tilly's. We ended up renting two movies and a game. Got soome rum and cherry coke and went to his house to relax. We had a good time.

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

AE Jeans

F21 Earrings

BCF Shirt

BTW, so I decided spur of the moment to chop my bangs. GOD of course they were short, now I can sport a fringe again..whatevs..it'll grow back
I Worked until 9. I hadn't planned to hang out with bubba but my plans with my girls backfired. I ended up at Bub's. He actually asked me to come afterall. There were a group of "ghetto girls", as he described, who had all of the boys scared out of their panties. I guess they were more threatening than any other man they had met..haha It was fuinny. Those girls left and it was ME and the guys, like usual. But, I didn't mind I had a good time drinking rum and coke..got some nachos and had a blast lol. After two friends had left 3 of us were just sitting at the table. Also, bub's sister was down and she was up chillen with us. So, as were chit-chatting his sister and I see a car drive up. And we're like.."uhhh..?" I recognized the car and said ,"its omar!" (who is bubba's bff from his old city) and sure enough after we were staring for a bit longer omar got off the car and surprised us at 3 in the morning! haha.. I was soo buzzing by then. Now, I'm usually quiet and submissive. I'll talk and make jokes but I'm usually not talking until I have some alcohol. And Bubba just loves to make fun of me because I talk..and talk..and babble..and laugh..and ohemgee it's a sight. I ramble onlike there is no tomorrow. And I was doing that tonight. Omar hadn't seen me like that so he was weirded out. lol..I had a good time..Bubba took a bunch of pictures to form a slide show of my drunken ranting and man..is it a sight. Omar happened to comment my FB and says " man u talk alot when your drunk"..At least I"m not being sloppy..haha.. I had a great weekend surprisingly. Ended it with a late night trip to jack and passed out!
I'm excited for the next week to go by. Friday is when I st
art my vaca..and we're heading to SF! YAY!


Weekend Recap/Outfits

Thursday.. spent the day with phillip and went to get my cars' oil changed, jamba juice, target and burlington coat factory.. Few things I got.. Hello Kitty pjs $10 @Burlington Coat Factory and E.L.F brushes $1 and $3.


Shirt: Express
Bottoms: VS
Jewlery: CR, Guess and, F21
We went to a late birthday dinner at BJ's for a friend. Were there foreverrrr...afterward we ended up roaming around and back at the Phillips house. I went to bed becasue I had to work at 6! Good, chill night!


Shirt: CR
Bottoms: Express
Shoes: F21
Necklace: CR
FOTD: Eyes- Wet n Wild eye studio eye palette, Cheeks- MAC peachy keen
We went to a friends families baptisim/bday party. Fun. The night was so humid but cool because in the background there was lightning going off. Amazing time. Watched drunken family members dance and have a great time. It's been such a while since I've been to such a big family party..and it wasn't even mine but the night was fun. Little kids running around.. laughing, shots being shoved in ur face lol. I t was an earlyu night.
Little note...
That Rimmel Matte foundtion... NO coverage, definitely mattifying.. SMELLS gross..I'll stick to Maybelline 24hr makeup, although it leaves me shiny the Rimmel Stay Matte powder is GREEEAAT...