Review: Maybelline SuperStay 24hr foundation

Maybellina SuperStay Makeup:
I went back and fourth continously about weather or not I should purchase this foundation. Finally, spur of the moment one day on a trip to CVS I bought it! I tried to match it with the color of my neck, summer is here and my colors of my skin are completely out of control! SPRAY TAN SOON TO COME haha..
Anyway, My first week of usage I LOVED the coverage. Definitely THICK. I kn ew it would be.. it had a MATTE feel..and my oily prone skin after, like, 6 hrs after first application hella crept through especially on my T-zone and under eye/cheek area. AGH! Now, it wasn't as drenched (EW) as when I used the revlon colorstay foundation but I had to blot and then I felt blotchy. IT was drama.
I started to break out bad, due to the fatty foods I had been eating and whatever, and the oil with this foundation did not mix. PlUS, it didn't last because of all of that. UGH!
I did find many ++'s in the concealer! Totally matte, coverage was awesome, long lastiing, buildable. Downfall, totally hard to BLEND. I do love it for my undereye. I'm so confused. MY skin has become a problem. I recently watched Summergarciamusic's video about how she only used concealer and a powder an had flawless looking skin. I was so jealous. Tried to do it..hell no. I think she ahs oily skin, mine is unbearably combination. Once I apply powder it makes my skin SO dry and flakey..WTF!!
I'm at a "F-it" point right now, lol. I started to use my Almay foundation which is what I ALWAYS use to use aside from clinque, then I got tired of the light coverage. But because my skin isn't horribly scared and acne prone and with the help of the maybelline concealer the coveraage it fine and that is what I'm using now. But I still feel helpless.
If anyof ya'll have ANY sort of advice and suggestions to what make-up I can use PLEASE let me know!!
Alright so that was MY review on the foundation for MY skin, overall I'd say this is perfect for normal skin who want a flawless look!

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Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Sandals: Forever21

This is the day my weekend begins. Bcuz my ass bf wanted to do his own this FRIDAY! We went to Milpitas CA just to get away. I mainly bought accessories! Which I'll do a haul and video of my collection later like I planned to do! The mall was cool..it went around in a circle alot of nice stores and alot that were like whatever. Bub bought shirts and some other stuff. After 3 hours we went to go eat at Dave&Busters!! whoop whoop!! It was kind of a dull day actually..like we were in our town doing the usual but we werent..we decided to go watch a movie ( since the mall had a theater) and saw Toy Story 3..cuteeee movie!! Afterwards we left for home and got back around 1000..exhausted.

Dress: Affections
I wore my Soda Sandals
IT was fathers day. My family was having a BBQ and Bub and I decided to go. I bought him a box of cookies from Mrs Field's. Bub and I played Wii there..it was rather quiet and boring LOL! LAter on we ate and watched my cousins play Wii. Below is a picture of my Uncle and Ma playing Beer Pong this accelerated way.. haha.. We left at 9 and watched a movie.

Monday I worked Tuesday I worked. Wednesday I was off and took the day to go with Bub to hollister. He wanted to go to the Gilroy outlets so we went and he bought my some stuff from the Charolette Russe over there. It was a relaxing day. We went to Casa De Fruita (yumm!) Anywhoo..it's saturday today..I mea n FRIDAY! Gosh! i've been behind in my days my weeks go by in a blur! I'm hanging with Bub tonight..going to ahve a few mixed drinks and chill I guess. I'll be sure to post sooner rather than later!! AHH!!
P.S. I felt like I had more to blog about..I forgot hmm...


A random Thursday

Dress: Forever21
Sandals: AE Outfitters
Earrings: F21
So, today was the beginning of my 7day unwanted vaca from work! Slept in until 11am. Went home an chilled until 3 when I started to get ready to get picked up by Bub's at 5. I ordered us pizza from pizza hut and we went back to his house to go watch the LAKER GAME!!! We were both nervous we kept flipping back and forth from the game to a movie. HAHA..OH! but before that when we first got to his house I was starvin marvin and I wanted to grub. Bub was serving me and his brother came in and sat at the kitch table. SO, i was done getting my pizza and his brother says, "Jenn can I ask a ?" I'm like "Wat?" ( I kno it sounds like a rude response BUT if u knew his brother you would b thinkg OMG wat now steven!) Anywhoo..He asks "Are you pregnant" WTF..I'm like how do you ask someone THAT? let alone a female..He's like its just a question. OHEMGEE I was sooo upset and embarrassed. Bub didn't say anything but he's an idiot sock him. I lost my appettite. I went to the room really hurt. I was like I'm not eating. DAMN WAT A WAY TO MAKE A CHICK FEEL UGLY! it was a big punch to the face like hello no manners!! I know i'm thick but I don't think I have a babi belly. ANyway..eventually I got over it..ate and yaddayadda. I was still irritated by the damn dude either way (he's 23 btw). After eeating and between the game I fell asleep while Bub showered, shampood and shined. I wanted to go home by 9 so bub took me. I need to be here went he cable man comes to install cable in my room sEHA!! I've been regular channels and have become addicted to COPS, The View, and Street Court haha!
Also, manana I wana find something cute to wear to Milpitas saturday because that is where Bub and I decided to go since I have the weekend off. I dont have a ton of money but my mission is to find a jewlery storage and then I'll film a jewlery collection vid. I'm excited to go to Dave&Busters also. Tomorrow I'm hopeing me n buba n our friends decide to go to the drive in just to relax and I want to watch Toy Story!!! whoop whoop! Anyway, I felt like doing a blog at midnight. LOL. I'll post for ya'll soon after the weekend! If you guys have any requests lemme knoooo!


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Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Jeans: Affections
Bracelet: Julias
Sorry for the awful photos! Anywhoo..Friday we all went to Logan's Roadhouse to eat for some broads bday. Boring. Afterwards we... went back to my bf's house and I'm sure I didn't spend the nighty? lol..I dont remember.
Picttures were even worse so I didn't upload. I worked 2-9, went home and got ready real quick. We all went to go eat at JAck. Cruised around then went back to Bub's. I was realllly feeling too good by two o'clock so I went to the room and crashed out. LOL. What an eventfulnight! NOT! Ugh..I wanted to stay up while they were playing cards but I was exhausted from working and etc.
Antoher work day. Went home and crashed!!
My FIRST day off of the week. My hours got cut ridiculously so I only worked four days and I get seven off! WTF. But I plan on taking advantage and me and bub are trying on getting away for the weekend. Anywhoo..it's Tuesday now and yesterday bub invited me over, we played Wii ate some nachos and tuna sandiwches lol. Then I ended up wqatching the guys play BBall at the Stadium. Afterwards around 9 o'clock we went to in and out and crashed out around midnight. It was a much needed good day! I HOPE the rest of the week turns out good.


May Favies!

Body Favies!
  • Victoria Secret Sexy Now Body Mist yummy smell! Fresh and my fave summer scent!
  • Paris Hilton perfume; I really don't know what the name of it, was a sample but it smells like I can eat it!
  • Lastly, my VS lotion Lost in Fantasy, amazing after bubble bath smell!

Lip Favies!
  • VS Lip Plumper, tingles quite a bit but does the job, gives a sticky gloss that looks luscious
  • Hard Candy lip stick in Hot Shot, amazing pink that stands out with my skin
  • Hard Candy lip stick in Mannequin, great nude that gives a soft natural color

Eye Favies!
  • Cover girl smokey shadow blast shade sticks, amazing duos! Amazing pigments, can you see the glitter in the brown? LOVELY! I'll post a tut. someday

Face Favies!
  • Clean&Clear pore perfecting moisturizer, wonderful product!!!!!
  • Clean&CLear facial cleansig wipes, doesn't leave my face oily, gets everything off, lov'em!
  • Mac sheertone blush in PeachKeen; 1st mac blush and I LOVE it!!!! lovely lovely color..
  • Hard Candy bonzer, amazing color with amazing glow and lil sparkle that highlights my cheekbones!
  • Generic contour brush that is so soft and doesn't shed.



I went shopping Thursday and Friday! Did some damage! Hope ya'll enjoy! This is in no particular order!

Mac Shadows
Orb and Carbon

Two lace sleevless cardi's and a pair of earrings

Mi Amor
Large Wallet, Hat, Earrings, Platform Shoes, Blk Sandels


Maybelline Super Star Foundation, Concealer, No Shine Powder
CVS bran profressional polish remover
Clean&Clear facial wipes, deep action exfoliator, continues control acne cleanser, moisturizer

Hello Kitty Bright Pink iphone case

Julia Vogue Jewlery Store
Snake rink, chunky charm bracelet

Victoria Secret
3/$30 lace underwear, beauty rish berry body wash, beauty rush spray watermelon blaze, Very sexy shimmer lotion

Tilt forever ring, Hat, Tilt sparrow necklace, Roxy purse