Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Jeans: Affections
Bracelet: Julias
Sorry for the awful photos! Anywhoo..Friday we all went to Logan's Roadhouse to eat for some broads bday. Boring. Afterwards we... went back to my bf's house and I'm sure I didn't spend the nighty? lol..I dont remember.
Picttures were even worse so I didn't upload. I worked 2-9, went home and got ready real quick. We all went to go eat at JAck. Cruised around then went back to Bub's. I was realllly feeling too good by two o'clock so I went to the room and crashed out. LOL. What an eventfulnight! NOT! Ugh..I wanted to stay up while they were playing cards but I was exhausted from working and etc.
Antoher work day. Went home and crashed!!
My FIRST day off of the week. My hours got cut ridiculously so I only worked four days and I get seven off! WTF. But I plan on taking advantage and me and bub are trying on getting away for the weekend. Anywhoo..it's Tuesday now and yesterday bub invited me over, we played Wii ate some nachos and tuna sandiwches lol. Then I ended up wqatching the guys play BBall at the Stadium. Afterwards around 9 o'clock we went to in and out and crashed out around midnight. It was a much needed good day! I HOPE the rest of the week turns out good.


veflexra said...

You may get this a lot, but you look so much like Mariah Carey. The gorgeously high cheek bones and all!

Valerie said...

I think your pictures are gorgeous! And its so cute that you took a pic with your bf and that he held up you phone even with the pink case!

And i'm sorry about work cutting your hours! I work at victoria secret and they are always doing that to me. So i definitely know how frustrating it is! But take advantage for sure cos we all know how busy works get and how you feel like theres no free time!