Review: Maybelline SuperStay 24hr foundation

Maybellina SuperStay Makeup:
I went back and fourth continously about weather or not I should purchase this foundation. Finally, spur of the moment one day on a trip to CVS I bought it! I tried to match it with the color of my neck, summer is here and my colors of my skin are completely out of control! SPRAY TAN SOON TO COME haha..
Anyway, My first week of usage I LOVED the coverage. Definitely THICK. I kn ew it would be.. it had a MATTE feel..and my oily prone skin after, like, 6 hrs after first application hella crept through especially on my T-zone and under eye/cheek area. AGH! Now, it wasn't as drenched (EW) as when I used the revlon colorstay foundation but I had to blot and then I felt blotchy. IT was drama.
I started to break out bad, due to the fatty foods I had been eating and whatever, and the oil with this foundation did not mix. PlUS, it didn't last because of all of that. UGH!
I did find many ++'s in the concealer! Totally matte, coverage was awesome, long lastiing, buildable. Downfall, totally hard to BLEND. I do love it for my undereye. I'm so confused. MY skin has become a problem. I recently watched Summergarciamusic's video about how she only used concealer and a powder an had flawless looking skin. I was so jealous. Tried to do it..hell no. I think she ahs oily skin, mine is unbearably combination. Once I apply powder it makes my skin SO dry and flakey..WTF!!
I'm at a "F-it" point right now, lol. I started to use my Almay foundation which is what I ALWAYS use to use aside from clinque, then I got tired of the light coverage. But because my skin isn't horribly scared and acne prone and with the help of the maybelline concealer the coveraage it fine and that is what I'm using now. But I still feel helpless.
If anyof ya'll have ANY sort of advice and suggestions to what make-up I can use PLEASE let me know!!
Alright so that was MY review on the foundation for MY skin, overall I'd say this is perfect for normal skin who want a flawless look!

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Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on this foundation, I still kind of want to try it though.. maybe when I run out of a few of the ones I have first haha :) I've been using rimmel's lasting finish and I have oily/combination skin, it's pretty good! x