Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Mi Amor
Earrings: Mi amor
The beginning of my weekend whoohoo!! Um..I t hink me and bubba went to the mall and then went to eat at BJ's Brewhouse at 7. We waited 25 mins for our table and then another half hour for our friend to arrive without his date? whuu? She was meeting him there..we didn't eat till 940 left at 1040 and then went back to bubba's house to chill a bit and I think we fell asleep around 2?
Repeat outfit! No pics!
This night we watched the fight at co-workers house. It was okay..got in an unneccessary argument with bubba. Um We got home around 2 or 3.

Dress: Forever21
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Affections

This was the day we were leaving to San Francisco to celebrate the 4th of July! yay! I wanted to leave at ten..BUT we, of course, didn't leave until 1140 or something. We had to drop of bub's brother and mother in a town 30mins away also. We made it in San Fran around 230? We went to Union square and shoppppeedd! It was tons of walking and tons of fun! So cold! MOST EMBARRASSING THING HAPPENED! I knew it was going to be windy but the sun was so radiant of course it would get hot while walking so I wore my cute dress! At one point while crossing a street, all day my dress was kind flyinh around and I had no problem holding it down, so when I went to smooth my dress down I felt my butt!! At some moment my dress flew up and got stuck! HAHA..okay my entire behind wasn't showing but a lil cheek peek was happening1 UGH!! anywhoo..around five we headed to Pier 39 which was where we were planning on watching fireowrks! We payed 40 bucks for parking hellla far away! As we were walking towards the pier some chick came up to us with a flyer advertising a crusie around alcatraz and the golden gate and watching the fireworks from the boat! Earlier, Bub had showed me this on his phone but the tickets weren't available online anymore jus our luck to find this! Bub treated and we had a quick snack and yea..boarded at 7. It was sooo cold! But so amazing. We got back to land at 1030. Ate at the Hard Rock and left SF at 1230. We got home around 330 and knocked out!!! Amazing weekend! Below are my pics from the trip.. I really wasn't trying to snap tons of shots. And I'll be posting my haul in a bit!


Valerie said...

GORGEOUS outfits as always! Seriously girl, you have such great style! And your shoes always have my mouth dropping! Ahh seriously, your outfit posts are my favorite <3

And SF is BEAUTIFUL! My sister lives there now (lucky her!) and it was my dream to move there as well. Alcatraz is always sold out 3 months in advance =/ Especially during the peak seasons. You should plan a day and go for sure, its something different yet fascinating to do. I did a night tour that was super creepy! I wont be going back when its pitch black ever again.

Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th of july weekend. And I love all the pictures you took of the city!

Will you show us what you bought at union square? Please do!

Again, love your posts! You are drop dead gorgeous!

Valerie said...

OH and also, what does your tattoo mean? Its so cute!

Danielle said...

Love your posts!!!
I am wondering, where do you find your "Mi Amor" brand shoes?