SF Haul

Alright..so i didn't splurge in SF but I'm happy with what I go. Everything is no particular order.

From Urban outfitters I bough this picture mobile, which I have been wanting for a while. I never really WANTED to buy it every other time so Fi nally I did. IT's cute and simple with clips attached at the ends of wire.

Next, was H&M. I love this store I wish they had one at my mall! boo.. :(

I found this white tenni's which I bought for work! And a pair of gorgeous rings. Silver and gold. They come in multiples! YAY!

My BF loves Marshalls..and to be honest i'm starting to love it too. I don't have the patience to search througha ll those messy racks of clotbes but its a bargain place! I was wandering around while my bf was looking for football cleats and I stumbled upon this!!! I've been in need of a straightener since I lost my other one. It's okay. I love the design of course..for 40$ I can live with it..it doe the job!

I also bought a book for my little cousin..he loves those books. Remenber polar bear polar bear? AW..

We stopped in a toy store and I took this mini puzzle with the ispy theme for my other little cousin who loves puzzles!

Lastly, I went to lussshhh!! I picked up the comforter bubble bar and some bath bomb I can't remember the name of..but you use it before you go to bed!lol..

Last note...

I just made a semi-big purchase o E.L.F Cosmetics and I'll be posting my haul as soon as it arrives. I'll be recording my June favorties eventually this week aslo.

Lastly..as soon as I hit 50 subscribers I want to have a contest! YAY!


Valerie said...

I looove the rings you bought! They are so cute! And the design of the straightener is cute! I have gone to marshalls only a couple times but now I want to go and see what goodies I can find =)

Contest? Ahhh how exciting! Can't wait =)

Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

I LOVVEE the rings! im gonna go pick them up from h and m. And i go to marshalls ALL the time i love it!


Valerie said...

I nominated you for an award! Go check my blog post! =) <3

DashingMommy said...

Love your Blog, Just gave you an Award, check out my blog for details.