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Products Used:
HiP Duo Shadows in Riotous
HiP Duo Shadows in Adventurous
MAC Shadow in satin Brun
HArd Candy in the shadows Tempatation
Brushes used:
Ecotools shadow brush
Ms. Makeup Eye blending brush
So..I like makeup. I usually just use eyeliner, mascara, blush and bronzer. BAM! That's my sig look. Unless I'm going out somewheres. But, I enjoy playing with my makeup. So..I attempted this green smokey eye look. IDK, I like it. BUT you guys let me know. And maybe I'll attempt eye tutorials. Thanks!

Weekend Recap/Outfits!

I worked and just rented movies and had a night to myself, bubba did his own thing with his boys. Yup!

Top: Forever21
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Forever21
Earrings: Forever21
Had the day off but I decided to go in for three hours to help out with our Kids Clinic we hold every two weeks. It was fun. Afterwards, went to lunch with bubs then went home to get ready. Ended up at BF's house around 530. We were going to watch the fight with friends at someones house. It was ku. Made a few more stops at some other houses and went home around 3.

Shirts: Tilly's
Jeans: AE
Shoes: AMI Clubwear
Had another day off. Got ready and went to lunch with bubba. AFterwards went to my cousins ninth birthday party at the bowling alley with family. Nice time there. Later, I had plans to spend the night at BF's, he invited me to play volleyball with his friends. We had to jump a fence! OHEMGEE, I've only jumped a fence ONCE before and I had sandals on, not the business! Anyways, I did it. Had a ku time playing VB. Later after we were done playing BBQ'd at a friends house. Got home around 1030 totally tired! Showered and knocked out!!!


Weekend Recap/Outfits!


Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Charolette Russe

Soo...I worked 7-1pm this day. Got out, did a lil shopping. Then went home and got ready to hit the town with bubs and friends. We took forever to go to Home Town Buffet,c uz that's where the guys wanted to go and then we finally went Ice Skating! Tons of fun. I had been before but not in a long time so I was totally scared. haha..Bub's first time..he did great! We left around ten and went back to the hosue to have a few drinks, in which I left cuz it was just Bub and Javi by 12.

Bottoms: AE
Shoes: Forever21
Went to go eat, and shop with my BF.

Saturday Night!
Top: Charolette Russe
Bottoms: AE
Shoes: Charolette Russe
Went to a few kick backs in town, had some drinks, got a lap dance..ended the night bad and fell asleep!


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Mini Haul!

From WalMart:

Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula
Gives me a shimmery glow that I adore!

Generic Beauty Blush Brush
Soft bristles do the job
From the Mall:

Bright Blue T
Snug fit

Mac Shadow in Expresso
Trying a lighter shade for my brows

Mac Blush in PeachyKeen
Love this! Great shade for the apples of my cheeks!

Victoria Secret Lotion in Lost in Fantasy
Adore this scent! MY new fave!

Victoria Secret Spray in (I forgot)
LOL, it's my new fave summer scent. Like flowers in bubbles from a bubble bath. Great fresh scent with a lil flavour

Victoria Secret Lip Plumper
Theee BEST!



Ahhh!!! So I've totally been MIA x2!!! Sorry..
I have not felt like blogging.. I've been going thru a rough patch wit my bf and busy with work so yea...But things are clearing up again and hopefully I'll be able to commit again to blogger!!
Obviously I missed out on April Favies..stay tuned for May Favies. I got some good ones!
I still plan on doing my How To video and will get back in routine of Weekend Recap/Outfits. Yup Yup..thanks a bunch for continueing to follow me..