Weekend Recap/Outfits!


Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Charolette Russe

Soo...I worked 7-1pm this day. Got out, did a lil shopping. Then went home and got ready to hit the town with bubs and friends. We took forever to go to Home Town Buffet,c uz that's where the guys wanted to go and then we finally went Ice Skating! Tons of fun. I had been before but not in a long time so I was totally scared. haha..Bub's first time..he did great! We left around ten and went back to the hosue to have a few drinks, in which I left cuz it was just Bub and Javi by 12.

Bottoms: AE
Shoes: Forever21
Went to go eat, and shop with my BF.

Saturday Night!
Top: Charolette Russe
Bottoms: AE
Shoes: Charolette Russe
Went to a few kick backs in town, had some drinks, got a lap dance..ended the night bad and fell asleep!


Valerie said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I loved it! So I am a follower now and this is the first post I got to see on my updated section, yay!

I adore the shoes you wore on friday! They are super sexy! And I love how your hair is <3

I love the top you wore on saturday. With the white cardigan its just perfect for summer and spring! Oh and those wedges are soooo cute! Every girl needs a pair of white wedges.

And I love the simplicity of Saturday's night outfit. But you spiced it up with those killer heels.

Can't wait for your future posts! <3

Molly Tamale said...

You remind me of my friend Cynthia =). I think its the hair and the cute cheeks. She's curvy too. Girl I lovee your curves! Looks very nice in jeans.Bet you turn a lot of heads.

Cute shoes too!

Jennika Krystal said...

Valerie.. Thanks for following..I appreciate the support and glad you enjoy my blog!

Molly Tamale..hey qt pie thanks soo much for your compliments they're the best!

Imsu said...

Great stuff!

If you can, do enter my CSN $60 Gift Certificate giveaway!
Thank you!

NANCYXO said...

you do your hair very nicely!


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