Tell me what you think...

Products Used:
HiP Duo Shadows in Riotous
HiP Duo Shadows in Adventurous
MAC Shadow in satin Brun
HArd Candy in the shadows Tempatation
Brushes used:
Ecotools shadow brush
Ms. Makeup Eye blending brush
So..I like makeup. I usually just use eyeliner, mascara, blush and bronzer. BAM! That's my sig look. Unless I'm going out somewheres. But, I enjoy playing with my makeup. So..I attempted this green smokey eye look. IDK, I like it. BUT you guys let me know. And maybe I'll attempt eye tutorials. Thanks!


Valerie said...

i looooove your green smokey eye! I have always wanted to do one but the ones I've tried are too intense, but yours is perfect! Its perfect for day time and I know you can rock that out at night. You should definitely do a tutorial. I think your look is the best green smokey eye by far <3

NYCSh0paholic said...

Very nice!!! Looks very pretty!
It kind of looks like an olive/khaki color...that's what I think it looks like when I enlarged the pic. Well..very pretty!