Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: F21
Bottoms: AE
Earrings: Char.Russe
Rings: H&M
So!..this was a boring night! lol..like every friday. Fridays are always a little fuzzy in my mind after a few days and about the time I do these posts.haha. I worked, and came home to get ready then made my way to bub's house! Had a few drinks and..I don't think we really went anywhere. I ended up heading to bed around 1. Javi (bub's "bf") left around two. About my FOTN I'm just wearing HiP Liner in brown and hard candy's mascara andon my cheeks I'm wearing peachykeen and hard candy's bronzer. Is it just meee or does itstill look like my face is blah? I mean..obvously I'm not gunna overdo it and look like a clown! Anyway..that's my usual face you know..but I can't help but feel underdone when I'm going out..but it's summer I don't wana put nice eye makeup and have it melt off..my focus are my cheeks..ugh.. I want stereo rose..ALL OF A SUDDEN..haha..I should start investing in MAC lip sticks..Although my Hard Candy lipsticks are my fave colors they dont spread on smoothly..my lips are crusted sooo i'm assuming it's the formula. UGH. anywhoo...

Top: Affections
Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Char.Russe
Earrings: Tilly's
Rings: H&M
I had the day off..and me and bub were laazzzzyyyy to the fullest. I went home around 5! Got ready and went back to bub's because we were heading to our friends house for a kick back. It was like whatever..we didn't actually get to drink until 11 because we were "setting up" and that took forever!! There was beer pong..drinks..lame music from an ipod and random friends of friends and some girls, lol. My girl Joanna showeed up! Usually, I'm the girl friend an I know the guys and am familiar with the GF's. So it's always lovely to have one of MY girls show up! I played a game or two of beer ppong..I suck! Everyone disappeared around 2..and the host disappeared even sooner! LAME!! I started cleaning up and what not..then some drama fo'yo mamma happened! UGH...we didn't get home till 5. KNOCKED OUT!! The next after noon I woke up with my head pounding and sick to my stomach. Excuse the bluntness but I was throwing up my guts! Literally..I had nothing in my system. I called in sick. Around 5 I finally woke up and felt better. Bub wanted me to stay another night so I was like yep I need to shower.. OHEMGEE embarrassing moment alert! I was brushing out my "pouf" and I popped my neck! pulled a muscle and had a stiff neck! ..BY BRUSHING MY HAIR!!! agrhhh..hahaha It was horrible pain though..and a day later I'm still moving ike a robot..everyone think's its funny..lol (me too).
Randomness... I'm going to try out L'oreal's face primer AND Boots mattifying primer and do a review..I need something to stop the SHINE!! My face is also clearing up and I plan on doing the Almay foundation again. It's medium coverage but my skin isn't horrible where I need full coverage. I just want something to cover the few scars and redness areas. I have been concealing with Maybelline superstay conceal..THE BOMB! I never though I would be mix-n-matching my products. I'm usually buying Alamay foundation, powder, concealer all in one group. But..whatever works!
Also..I'm going to go one Hydroxycut! Chea...I gained so much wait despite my blog post about my weight loss goals, I'm lacking the energy and motivation. :'(
Lastly..tomorrow morning I'll be filiming my overdue June Favies!

Above: Top to bottom left to right
The guys buffin it up HAHA-my cousins being cute


SF Haul

Alright..so i didn't splurge in SF but I'm happy with what I go. Everything is no particular order.

From Urban outfitters I bough this picture mobile, which I have been wanting for a while. I never really WANTED to buy it every other time so Fi nally I did. IT's cute and simple with clips attached at the ends of wire.

Next, was H&M. I love this store I wish they had one at my mall! boo.. :(

I found this white tenni's which I bought for work! And a pair of gorgeous rings. Silver and gold. They come in multiples! YAY!

My BF loves Marshalls..and to be honest i'm starting to love it too. I don't have the patience to search througha ll those messy racks of clotbes but its a bargain place! I was wandering around while my bf was looking for football cleats and I stumbled upon this!!! I've been in need of a straightener since I lost my other one. It's okay. I love the design of course..for 40$ I can live with it..it doe the job!

I also bought a book for my little cousin..he loves those books. Remenber polar bear polar bear? AW..

We stopped in a toy store and I took this mini puzzle with the ispy theme for my other little cousin who loves puzzles!

Lastly, I went to lussshhh!! I picked up the comforter bubble bar and some bath bomb I can't remember the name of..but you use it before you go to bed!lol..

Last note...

I just made a semi-big purchase o E.L.F Cosmetics and I'll be posting my haul as soon as it arrives. I'll be recording my June favorties eventually this week aslo.

Lastly..as soon as I hit 50 subscribers I want to have a contest! YAY!


Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Bottoms: VS
Shoes: Mi Amor
Earrings: Mi amor
The beginning of my weekend whoohoo!! Um..I t hink me and bubba went to the mall and then went to eat at BJ's Brewhouse at 7. We waited 25 mins for our table and then another half hour for our friend to arrive without his date? whuu? She was meeting him there..we didn't eat till 940 left at 1040 and then went back to bubba's house to chill a bit and I think we fell asleep around 2?
Repeat outfit! No pics!
This night we watched the fight at co-workers house. It was okay..got in an unneccessary argument with bubba. Um We got home around 2 or 3.

Dress: Forever21
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Affections

This was the day we were leaving to San Francisco to celebrate the 4th of July! yay! I wanted to leave at ten..BUT we, of course, didn't leave until 1140 or something. We had to drop of bub's brother and mother in a town 30mins away also. We made it in San Fran around 230? We went to Union square and shoppppeedd! It was tons of walking and tons of fun! So cold! MOST EMBARRASSING THING HAPPENED! I knew it was going to be windy but the sun was so radiant of course it would get hot while walking so I wore my cute dress! At one point while crossing a street, all day my dress was kind flyinh around and I had no problem holding it down, so when I went to smooth my dress down I felt my butt!! At some moment my dress flew up and got stuck! HAHA..okay my entire behind wasn't showing but a lil cheek peek was happening1 UGH!! anywhoo..around five we headed to Pier 39 which was where we were planning on watching fireowrks! We payed 40 bucks for parking hellla far away! As we were walking towards the pier some chick came up to us with a flyer advertising a crusie around alcatraz and the golden gate and watching the fireworks from the boat! Earlier, Bub had showed me this on his phone but the tickets weren't available online anymore jus our luck to find this! Bub treated and we had a quick snack and yea..boarded at 7. It was sooo cold! But so amazing. We got back to land at 1030. Ate at the Hard Rock and left SF at 1230. We got home around 330 and knocked out!!! Amazing weekend! Below are my pics from the trip.. I really wasn't trying to snap tons of shots. And I'll be posting my haul in a bit!