Drugstore Haul

So! I went to Walgreens tonight and bought some stuff! Here it all is..
Nutter Butters my ABSOLUTE favorite cookie, BiC razors, cold medicine for my boo, Revlon GrowLuscious mascara&lash enchancer in blackened brown, wetnwild color icon palette, wetnwild lipstick, revlon lipstick, Rimmel primer, Rimmel stay matte foundation, rimmel stay matte powder, maybelline superstay concealer..
So I wanted to try Rimmel stay matte products on my ultra oily skin..see how that goes!
I LOVE that concealer...I was in need of new lipsticks and i fell in love with those color icon palettes..
Swatches from TOP: Wet N Wild lipstick 903C BOTTOM: Revlon Creme 616 Wink for Pink

Wet N Wild color icon palette in "Knock on Wood"

Here are the swatches (from left to right) Browbone color, crease color, and eyelid color..beautiful and so pigmented!


Fading into Fall

Soo..This is "Fading into Fall". I used browns and a shade of purple, which to me is a great fall color. The products I used are all below; MAC to the beach bronzer, elf bronzer, hard candy mascara, HiP cream liner in brown, physicians formula pallette, hard candy book of shadows. I dont kno If I like it as much as I thought as I would but I decided to post any way..honest opinions luvies!!

"Fading into Fall"

Apply the lightest shade, a creamy yellow color, to the inner corner and all over the lid.

Apply this dark brown to the outter corner of lid as well as a thin line towards the center of your crease.

Apply the darkest purple to the center of the lid starting just underneath the brown shade.

Line just underneath your bottom lashes with the colors in corresponding order.
Blend just a bit before applting liner and mascara

Finished look, after applying light bronzer.


My Sunday..

Monday..was my last day off and it felt like a sunday for me.. I decided to post about my day because it was really a nice day..and I thought my outfit was cuuuttee..

This bracelet is one of my favoritessss...I got it from Julie Vogue, this absolute chic jewlery show near my town. LOVES IT! It makes a ton of noise though..lol
My usual face consists of some foundation, blush, black eyeliner, and maybe gloss although you can-soo-not tell in this pic I had on some very vibrant pink lipstick from Hard Candy, which gave my look a pop of color.
My sleevless-cardi is from AFfections and I loved it paired with my outfit..the pattern in the back is to die for.
My entire outfit look

I bought this ADORABLE hello kitty slippers at Target! lol..

I also bought these books in a collection..its the Blue Bloods saga and by Melissa De La Cruz..I'LL DO A review..
We went to wingtop before Target..first time..it was OKAY..I dunno If I'd go again..
We stopped by a tattoo shop..JAMBA! umm...this little clothing store near wingstop..and thats about it..It was a nice relaxing day with my boyfriend..hope you enjoyed this quick lil post..


Weekend Recap/Outfits

Sooo.. Lets begin with Thursday, I won tickets to the premier of Resident Evil the day before..totally excited RIGHT! Bub's was like yaaaa... I called in and whatever. We got to the theatre around 515. There waas a line already and we waited..got out tickets around 6..during this time were watching ppl like let their friends show up hella late..crowd..and then those friends dates show up..and then another person see's someone else they know by chance and is like, " Hey come stand by meee!!" Well..around 6:35 they finally start letting people in..their is a group of four and US next to go in..then ALL OF A SUDDEN a chick from the theatre comes out, "Sorry folks theatre is full" Wait.. WHAT? There was only one theatre? Wait.. WHAT? No one told is it was first come first serve.. Wait.. WTF allll those people who crowded was about the same amount of people that WOULD have been let in if those fools hadn't been in line ... Fail. I was sooo irritated. The End.

Whole outfit byMi Amor

Sooo... this day WE PAID to go see resident evil in 3d. lol..it was OKAY. We went back to town and had a boring ass niggghtttttttttttttttttttttt


Shirt: Affections
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Mi Amor
Earrings: Forever21
Bad night.. I thought we were going to go bowling or play pool. NEP.. I was the only girl chillen with the guys and they were THINKING about going to some kick back...where more guys were..ugh. I was like umm...I'ma go with my friends. Which..wasn't the best either lol. The fair is in town..so everyone is preoccupied with that. Anyways..I got into an utterly disgusting fight with Phillip. Now I'm very hurt and taking a step back from our relationship. We'll see how it works out. Either way..it is what it is. Hope you enjoyed this very lacking post lol.


Midnight Peacock

Loreal HiP Pigments in Showy and Riotous, MAC Carbon Matte, Loreal HiP Cream Liner in Black, Cover Girl LashBlast, SuperStay Maybelline Concealer (dries sticky for a great base)
I applied a base

Applied lime green shade from Riotous Duo around inner corner of eye lid.
Next applied bolder blue from Showy Duo next to the green (deleted my pic whoops), and lastly carbon in the outter corner.

Underneath line bottom lid with shades in corresponding order.

Reapply shadow where need then blend lightly..and add liner to both top and bottom lids

Mascara, falsies if desired, I didn't wana waste mine lol.

Finished look.

I just did my eyes..wasn't focused on an entire face look..hope ya'll enjoyed..



So..here's pictures from my birthday which was on August, 16. I'm 22 now. It was a good weekend. Friday my bf and I went shopping and he bough my all the things that are pictured as a group on my bed. Saturday was my dinner with my family..my bf bought me a cake that I deleted my picture of ! It was hello kitty. Sunday he planned a bbq with our friends and Monday it was pizza at my house and I got the rest of my presents anyway..enjoy