Weekend Recap/Outfits

Sooo.. Lets begin with Thursday, I won tickets to the premier of Resident Evil the day before..totally excited RIGHT! Bub's was like yaaaa... I called in and whatever. We got to the theatre around 515. There waas a line already and we waited..got out tickets around 6..during this time were watching ppl like let their friends show up hella late..crowd..and then those friends dates show up..and then another person see's someone else they know by chance and is like, " Hey come stand by meee!!" Well..around 6:35 they finally start letting people in..their is a group of four and US next to go in..then ALL OF A SUDDEN a chick from the theatre comes out, "Sorry folks theatre is full" Wait.. WHAT? There was only one theatre? Wait.. WHAT? No one told is it was first come first serve.. Wait.. WTF allll those people who crowded was about the same amount of people that WOULD have been let in if those fools hadn't been in line ... Fail. I was sooo irritated. The End.

Whole outfit byMi Amor

Sooo... this day WE PAID to go see resident evil in 3d. lol..it was OKAY. We went back to town and had a boring ass niggghtttttttttttttttttttttt


Shirt: Affections
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Mi Amor
Earrings: Forever21
Bad night.. I thought we were going to go bowling or play pool. NEP.. I was the only girl chillen with the guys and they were THINKING about going to some kick back...where more guys were..ugh. I was like umm...I'ma go with my friends. Which..wasn't the best either lol. The fair is in town..so everyone is preoccupied with that. Anyways..I got into an utterly disgusting fight with Phillip. Now I'm very hurt and taking a step back from our relationship. We'll see how it works out. Either way..it is what it is. Hope you enjoyed this very lacking post lol.


Miryam Oquendo said...


Nice shoes!

DashingMommy said...

Aww sorry you had a bad night Girly. You Looked Cute At least LOL.

Valerie said...

LOOOVE your outfits as ALWAYS! Your outfit posts are always my favorite. I always love your shoes, your accessories, and your clothes. Seriously girl, you have great taste!

I am sorry to hear about how things went =( And sorry about the fight you had with your bf. I hate fights, they are always the worst! =( Hope everything works out <3

Valerie said...

I nominated you for an award! Go and check my blog =)

Jennika Krystal said...

Mirayam, thank you love.

DashingMommy.. thanks!

Valerie, thanks for your love and support girly!! I appreciate it tons! Heart YOU