My Vaca and Halloween weekend!

Wednesday, Oct. 20th
My first day of my vacation! I baked my Bub's a birthday cake -->
He is my superman<3
I also bought him two shirts and a Shakira poster, plus our disney trip! WHOA! haha...
Anyways, he loved everything. Yump.

Thursday, Oct. 22
Bub's birthday!! We left for Anaheim at 6am. It was so much fun! Hot the first day..I thought it would be Fresh..uhm no. Anywhooo..We shoulda gone to California Adventure this first day and Disneyland Friday. We missed the Fantasmic, or whatever it's called, because it only played Fri-Sun. Also, California Adventure closed at SIX! ..We spent the rest of our night at Downtown Disney and saw a movie at the AMC theatre.
We were exhausted and had to drive an hour and a half to Moreno Valley to stay with his fam.

Saturday, Oct. 24th
We stayed an extra night to enjoy a saturday night. We drove to the City Walk and the Alley..and Hollywood Blvd. Saw lots of weirdos and I bought LUSH! We did a cartoon picture drawin of ourselves and I had the privilege of driving for the FIRST time in L.A. traffic..As you can see I was terrified! lol..and Phillip captured my expression so well. But, we made it around just fine. I'm very proud of myself! haha.. We left Sunday afternoon and came home exhausted. I enojyed two more days off and was looking forward to Halloween weekend!!

Um..we looked F'in cute! It was a quick last minute costume. I couldn't afford my Giesha costume :'(
It's okay though..Although, UNFORTUNETLY we had a boring night...Dead end places..No one wanted to hit up a club..A slight waste of our costumes..But we'll be better prepared next year..

Last note: Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 is mine and Phillips first year anniversary. I'm so excited and happy! It was all worth the aggravation of having to deal with drama and figuring our if we were right for eachother. It paid off. I'm getting him a gift cert. and making a cake. Loves it!



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It has been over 2 months since my last blog post! Acck!!

I need more followers..hmmm...

Well lets update:

I work..school has been on hold; until next year. I got a new car!! whoop whoop! I've been trying to establish myself on youtube..haha (actually my effort has been considerably low). I'm more of a consistant watcher. I get frustrated with editing too. Soo..I'll probably be more of a blogger. Maybe I'll solicit my blog on comments of my fave subscriptions...MAYBE.
Most important.. I'm 21!! FINALLY!

Lets see... I got a new car..an iphone again!

Umm..umm.. my checks have to be budgeted now because of ALL the bills I have to pay..and working as a cashier doesn't leave my much to budget with!

GUESS WHERE IM GOING SOON! Specifically Oct. 22-24! Disneyland! So excited! Last time I went was for new years '07 before a mexico cruise with friends. It was very unjoyable..wet/rainy. I'm going for my boyfriends birthday! I can't wait! Just 3 more weeks left from Thursday. We're staying across the street at a hotel one night..then either staying with a friend the next night in order for us to PARTY HARDY in L.A or at his uncles house in Moreno Valley..either way our last day there we're heading to the city walk. Whoop whoop! I'm taking off a week from work..Wednesday Oct 21 I plan to bake my huni a cake..I already ordered his presents and just got the last one TODAY!

Lastly before I finish this post..Halloween is soon after our disney trip! The next week actually. I'm hoping to go clubbing! I went back and forth with my hun deciding what to be. But unfortunetly with some financial issues my hun can't get a costume with me SO I get to be what I have always wanted...a GEISHA! Sexy sexy..lol super excited! I might order it this check..idk..I better do it quick tho!



July 4TH weekend!

Friday! Went to the circus with my huni, mom, and lil' cousin! It was my huni's first time there. Tons of fun.. interesting. lol We became "Circus Celebrities" and sat on the floor. They made us think we were all important..when REALLY we had to move because they were doing the tight rope above us LOL. Anyway, it was cool. i had to work the next day at 7am so we jsut went to sleep!
Saturday! Got off work at 12:30pm. Got ready and wore this totally cute cheetah maxi dress I got at Charolette Russe! Left to Santa Cruz with my huni! Traffic was horrible! But eventually we made it! Perfect whether! Edgar and his gf Ruth met up with us before the fireworks started. We didn't get a great view because it turns out the fireworks were on the beach next to the boardwalk! But still enjoyable. We didn't get home until 3! Slept until 230!
Sunday! My day to relax! I have a test for my online class today.. Ill get to that later. Going to dinner at 8 with my huni!


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Memorial Weekend

Thursday! Worked..something horrible happened between my boyfriend..I don't think anything really interesting happened at his house..
Friday! Worked 8-3. Got ready left to Fresno with my boyfriend...ate at the sports cafe. Went home and watched him and javi play guitar hero..left early.
Saturday! Worked 6-3..left one hour early because my grandparents got into an accident. I was freaking out!!! They were okay tho. Decided later that night to head to Watsonville to meet Edgar at his woman Ruth's birthday party. We (Me, Phillip, Javi, and Tom) didn't leaving until 8..arrived at 1015. Party was OK. On the way there Tom decided he wanted to stay WTF I was going to pull an all nighter cuz I had to work at six. At 3 we finally left and Phillip drove to Los Banos and I drove the rest of the way to Madera. Exhausted...
Sunday! I ended up calling in..hehe Spent the day with famil and slept
Monday-Wednesday! Worked 9-6 and 2-10. Rested..Got my Forever21 purchase! I also bought some stuff at Affections and Claire's. Still waiting on the rest of my AMIClubWear and Lush. I'll post collectively when I have everything.
Last Note: In picture from left to right; My boo, Javi,Edgar,Ruth, Tom,and ME!



Wednesday! Drive in time..phillips first time ever! We say Star Trek and Monsters vs Aliens. I was a bit annoyed cuz EVERYONE went..thought it was a date..ya right; AND they drank..who drinks on a WEDNESDAY? ..whatever

Thursday! Work..did nothing

Friday! Did nothing? LOL.. Someone's birthday@Phillips (his ex's lil sis to be exact). Didn't go to sleep until 5! ..called in =0

Saturday! Another drive in visit!! Saw Wolverine (saw already) and Fast Furious (didn't mind watching again..) VIN DISEL IS SEXY! Was irritated tht night..picking fights with my boo..afterwards went to Josh's house saw old friends, made new ones. Rock Band'it for a bit..got into a fight with phillip..came home we made up and crashed.

Sunday! Work..not fun..super hot!

Plus... It's Monday and my day off. I'm relaxing. Tomorrow I close..Wednesday I have off..SOOOOO not looking forward to Thursday I work six days straight and open all of them UGH!!!!!!!!! Thurs 7-245 Fri 8-3 Sat 6-4 Sun 6-4 Mon 9-6 WTF..seriously..they think we're going to be busy Memorial weekend..YA RIGHT! It's madera. Anyway..I'ma try to enjoy my TWO days off..


Get to know me!

Name: Jennika Krystal Andrade
Birthdate: August 08, 1988
Birthplace: Madera CA
Current Location: Madera
Eye Color: Fierce Brown/Blk
Hair Color: Dark brown w/all kinds of natural highlights
Height: 5'1
What's Your
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Portuguese
Body Type:
Voluptuous ;)
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Drink: Iced Tea Babi
Favorite Animal: Panther/Zebra
Best Physical Feature: Smile/Booty
Fears: Dying
Have you ever?
Drank: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Shoplifted: A tootsie roll when I was 7
Skinny Dipped: Nope!
Been Dumped:
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Have had and DO have
Other things..
I work at Lowe's. I'm 20. I go to school. I'm striving for my BA in Business Management. I want to own my own Pastry Shop! I'm wifey potential. My man and I met at Lowe's. We've only been together for 6 months. I have a yorkie named Lulu Belle, and Bunny name Wall-E, and a beta fish LOL. I love music, reading writing, watching reality shows. Shopping is my addiction; clothes, shoes, jewelry, my main squeeze are purses! Well..that's about it! If there are any other questions your curious about..feel free to ask!



Samsung Impression: This is the new phone I am going to get next pay check! I'm super excited!!! I was torn between the Impression and the new LG Xenon..After reviewing some PhoneDog reviews I decided to go with the Impression. Although it is a bit pricier its BEAUTIFUL! LG phones were never my fave but the cost and size totally grabbed me..I think, though, Illl be satisfied with the Impression. Yeee! SO excited! Right now I have a Razr..it has been a great phone..I had a beautiful Sony Ericsson slider but I traded it for my razr LOL. Then I got a Iphone BUT I kept switching phone when I would go out..I got tired of it and my mom needed a phone so i gave the iphone to her.. In between those I had a blackberry but my razr has always been there..I'll keep my razr when I get the impression as a backup..but yea.. anyone got any pro's or con's about the Impression? Feel free to share!
Tomorrow! Going to the Drive In with my huni after he gets outta work! We're going to see Star Trek and Monsters vs Aliens :o)


New Stuff

My Buddha's




Another Monday..

Friday! Went to China Town with my huni bun and my mother. It was mine and my huni's first time on the bart, real interesting. The first store I saw when we got off was the two story Forever 21 store! That was my last stop and I spent the last of my money there LOL. In China Town I bought some Buddha's. My huni found some nice dress shoes in this totally messy purse store.. The owner couldn't find the other one..we came back 3 hrs later hoping for the other one but no go. SO I started hunting for it and VIOLA! I found it and my huni was happy! We ate at The Hard Rock Cafe. Didn't get back until 11 totally exhausted!

Saturday! Worked all day, went home made a mother's day gift for my boo's mom. Got ready and hung out with him and friends at some house where we drank and played Scats (drinking game), and rocked out on Rock Band. JAvi and my huni got hooked on Monsoon by Tokio Hotel. We left at 445am and watched the sunrise at Jack in the Box LOL. I called in sick Sunday >.<>

Last Note: I'll post some pics of my China Twn/Forever 21 haul later..

First Blog!

Hello! So..this is my first blog. Just testing it all out.. =)