July 4TH weekend!

Friday! Went to the circus with my huni, mom, and lil' cousin! It was my huni's first time there. Tons of fun.. interesting. lol We became "Circus Celebrities" and sat on the floor. They made us think we were all important..when REALLY we had to move because they were doing the tight rope above us LOL. Anyway, it was cool. i had to work the next day at 7am so we jsut went to sleep!
Saturday! Got off work at 12:30pm. Got ready and wore this totally cute cheetah maxi dress I got at Charolette Russe! Left to Santa Cruz with my huni! Traffic was horrible! But eventually we made it! Perfect whether! Edgar and his gf Ruth met up with us before the fireworks started. We didn't get a great view because it turns out the fireworks were on the beach next to the boardwalk! But still enjoyable. We didn't get home until 3! Slept until 230!
Sunday! My day to relax! I have a test for my online class today.. Ill get to that later. Going to dinner at 8 with my huni!

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