Blogger Contest!

Makeup Babble is having a giveaway!

So I've got 3 giveaways to give out. Each winner will recieve 1 package of nails and 1 pairs of lashes and... if you're nice I'll throw in a few other goodies, too

So here's the 411:

1. This is a gift I want to give to my followers so, of course, you must be a follower. If you're not, it's easily remedied. Just click the link to the right.

2. You need to repost this on your blog and then leave me a comment below saying that you want in on the c ontest.

3. I will ship internationally.

4. I'll write all the names on a ballot and have someone pick the winners randomly, to be fair.

5. I'll announce the winner in an upcoming post but I will not be contacting you directly, so I'll leave it up to you to pay attention ;) You will then have 3 days to contact me with your info otherwise you forfeit your prize to another entrant. (Noooo! Don't let that happen!)

6. You have until Saturday, June 13th to enter! Contest closes at midnight PST. Good luck~

All right, ladies and gents, enjoy your weekend and get on it!



mzkrystall said...

goodluck ;]

Anonymous said...

its not my contest its the link on top of the post whos holding it lol

Makeup Mama said...

Hey Jennika, I was reading ^Elisa Marie's blog when I saw that you blogged about my contest but mistakenly thought it was hers. No worries, just follow the link on my name to my blog and leave me a message on the contest page (there's a link that leads to it at the top of my blog) just to make sure you get entered in. I may forget when it comes time to write up the names :)

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