Memorial Weekend

Thursday! Worked..something horrible happened between my boyfriend..I don't think anything really interesting happened at his house..
Friday! Worked 8-3. Got ready left to Fresno with my boyfriend...ate at the sports cafe. Went home and watched him and javi play guitar hero..left early.
Saturday! Worked 6-3..left one hour early because my grandparents got into an accident. I was freaking out!!! They were okay tho. Decided later that night to head to Watsonville to meet Edgar at his woman Ruth's birthday party. We (Me, Phillip, Javi, and Tom) didn't leaving until 8..arrived at 1015. Party was OK. On the way there Tom decided he wanted to stay WTF I was going to pull an all nighter cuz I had to work at six. At 3 we finally left and Phillip drove to Los Banos and I drove the rest of the way to Madera. Exhausted...
Sunday! I ended up calling in..hehe Spent the day with famil and slept
Monday-Wednesday! Worked 9-6 and 2-10. Rested..Got my Forever21 purchase! I also bought some stuff at Affections and Claire's. Still waiting on the rest of my AMIClubWear and Lush. I'll post collectively when I have everything.
Last Note: In picture from left to right; My boo, Javi,Edgar,Ruth, Tom,and ME!

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