Get to know me!

Name: Jennika Krystal Andrade
Birthdate: August 08, 1988
Birthplace: Madera CA
Current Location: Madera
Eye Color: Fierce Brown/Blk
Hair Color: Dark brown w/all kinds of natural highlights
Height: 5'1
What's Your
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Portuguese
Body Type:
Voluptuous ;)
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Drink: Iced Tea Babi
Favorite Animal: Panther/Zebra
Best Physical Feature: Smile/Booty
Fears: Dying
Have you ever?
Drank: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Shoplifted: A tootsie roll when I was 7
Skinny Dipped: Nope!
Been Dumped:
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Have had and DO have
Other things..
I work at Lowe's. I'm 20. I go to school. I'm striving for my BA in Business Management. I want to own my own Pastry Shop! I'm wifey potential. My man and I met at Lowe's. We've only been together for 6 months. I have a yorkie named Lulu Belle, and Bunny name Wall-E, and a beta fish LOL. I love music, reading writing, watching reality shows. Shopping is my addiction; clothes, shoes, jewelry, my main squeeze are purses! Well..that's about it! If there are any other questions your curious about..feel free to ask!


arpegya said...

wow... your nice.... i love u...

LovelyKimi said...

very nice i like