Wednesday! Drive in time..phillips first time ever! We say Star Trek and Monsters vs Aliens. I was a bit annoyed cuz EVERYONE went..thought it was a date..ya right; AND they drank..who drinks on a WEDNESDAY? ..whatever

Thursday! Work..did nothing

Friday! Did nothing? LOL.. Someone's birthday@Phillips (his ex's lil sis to be exact). Didn't go to sleep until 5! ..called in =0

Saturday! Another drive in visit!! Saw Wolverine (saw already) and Fast Furious (didn't mind watching again..) VIN DISEL IS SEXY! Was irritated tht night..picking fights with my boo..afterwards went to Josh's house saw old friends, made new ones. Rock Band'it for a bit..got into a fight with phillip..came home we made up and crashed.

Sunday! Work..not fun..super hot!

Plus... It's Monday and my day off. I'm relaxing. Tomorrow I close..Wednesday I have off..SOOOOO not looking forward to Thursday I work six days straight and open all of them UGH!!!!!!!!! Thurs 7-245 Fri 8-3 Sat 6-4 Sun 6-4 Mon 9-6 WTF..seriously..they think we're going to be busy Memorial weekend..YA RIGHT! It's madera. Anyway..I'ma try to enjoy my TWO days off..

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