Another Monday..

Friday! Went to China Town with my huni bun and my mother. It was mine and my huni's first time on the bart, real interesting. The first store I saw when we got off was the two story Forever 21 store! That was my last stop and I spent the last of my money there LOL. In China Town I bought some Buddha's. My huni found some nice dress shoes in this totally messy purse store.. The owner couldn't find the other one..we came back 3 hrs later hoping for the other one but no go. SO I started hunting for it and VIOLA! I found it and my huni was happy! We ate at The Hard Rock Cafe. Didn't get back until 11 totally exhausted!

Saturday! Worked all day, went home made a mother's day gift for my boo's mom. Got ready and hung out with him and friends at some house where we drank and played Scats (drinking game), and rocked out on Rock Band. JAvi and my huni got hooked on Monsoon by Tokio Hotel. We left at 445am and watched the sunrise at Jack in the Box LOL. I called in sick Sunday >.<>

Last Note: I'll post some pics of my China Twn/Forever 21 haul later..

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