Samsung Impression: This is the new phone I am going to get next pay check! I'm super excited!!! I was torn between the Impression and the new LG Xenon..After reviewing some PhoneDog reviews I decided to go with the Impression. Although it is a bit pricier its BEAUTIFUL! LG phones were never my fave but the cost and size totally grabbed me..I think, though, Illl be satisfied with the Impression. Yeee! SO excited! Right now I have a Razr..it has been a great phone..I had a beautiful Sony Ericsson slider but I traded it for my razr LOL. Then I got a Iphone BUT I kept switching phone when I would go out..I got tired of it and my mom needed a phone so i gave the iphone to her.. In between those I had a blackberry but my razr has always been there..I'll keep my razr when I get the impression as a backup..but yea.. anyone got any pro's or con's about the Impression? Feel free to share!
Tomorrow! Going to the Drive In with my huni after he gets outta work! We're going to see Star Trek and Monsters vs Aliens :o)

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