My Vaca and Halloween weekend!

Wednesday, Oct. 20th
My first day of my vacation! I baked my Bub's a birthday cake -->
He is my superman<3
I also bought him two shirts and a Shakira poster, plus our disney trip! WHOA! haha...
Anyways, he loved everything. Yump.

Thursday, Oct. 22
Bub's birthday!! We left for Anaheim at 6am. It was so much fun! Hot the first day..I thought it would be Fresh..uhm no. Anywhooo..We shoulda gone to California Adventure this first day and Disneyland Friday. We missed the Fantasmic, or whatever it's called, because it only played Fri-Sun. Also, California Adventure closed at SIX! ..We spent the rest of our night at Downtown Disney and saw a movie at the AMC theatre.
We were exhausted and had to drive an hour and a half to Moreno Valley to stay with his fam.

Saturday, Oct. 24th
We stayed an extra night to enjoy a saturday night. We drove to the City Walk and the Alley..and Hollywood Blvd. Saw lots of weirdos and I bought LUSH! We did a cartoon picture drawin of ourselves and I had the privilege of driving for the FIRST time in L.A. traffic..As you can see I was terrified! lol..and Phillip captured my expression so well. But, we made it around just fine. I'm very proud of myself! haha.. We left Sunday afternoon and came home exhausted. I enojyed two more days off and was looking forward to Halloween weekend!!

Um..we looked F'in cute! It was a quick last minute costume. I couldn't afford my Giesha costume :'(
It's okay though..Although, UNFORTUNETLY we had a boring night...Dead end places..No one wanted to hit up a club..A slight waste of our costumes..But we'll be better prepared next year..

Last note: Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 is mine and Phillips first year anniversary. I'm so excited and happy! It was all worth the aggravation of having to deal with drama and figuring our if we were right for eachother. It paid off. I'm getting him a gift cert. and making a cake. Loves it!


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