My Sunday..

Monday..was my last day off and it felt like a sunday for me.. I decided to post about my day because it was really a nice day..and I thought my outfit was cuuuttee..

This bracelet is one of my favoritessss...I got it from Julie Vogue, this absolute chic jewlery show near my town. LOVES IT! It makes a ton of noise though..lol
My usual face consists of some foundation, blush, black eyeliner, and maybe gloss although you can-soo-not tell in this pic I had on some very vibrant pink lipstick from Hard Candy, which gave my look a pop of color.
My sleevless-cardi is from AFfections and I loved it paired with my outfit..the pattern in the back is to die for.
My entire outfit look

I bought this ADORABLE hello kitty slippers at Target! lol..

I also bought these books in a collection..its the Blue Bloods saga and by Melissa De La Cruz..I'LL DO A review..
We went to wingtop before Target..first time..it was OKAY..I dunno If I'd go again..
We stopped by a tattoo shop..JAMBA! umm...this little clothing store near wingstop..and thats about it..It was a nice relaxing day with my boyfriend..hope you enjoyed this quick lil post..

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Ms.Kimchi said...

Hi Jennika,
i'm a new follower to your blog!! :)

Im loving that lip colour on you!
what exactly is it????