Weekend Recap/Outfits!

Top: Affections
Sandals: Forever21

This is the day my weekend begins. Bcuz my ass bf wanted to do his own this FRIDAY! We went to Milpitas CA just to get away. I mainly bought accessories! Which I'll do a haul and video of my collection later like I planned to do! The mall was cool..it went around in a circle alot of nice stores and alot that were like whatever. Bub bought shirts and some other stuff. After 3 hours we went to go eat at Dave&Busters!! whoop whoop!! It was kind of a dull day actually..like we were in our town doing the usual but we werent..we decided to go watch a movie ( since the mall had a theater) and saw Toy Story 3..cuteeee movie!! Afterwards we left for home and got back around 1000..exhausted.

Dress: Affections
I wore my Soda Sandals
IT was fathers day. My family was having a BBQ and Bub and I decided to go. I bought him a box of cookies from Mrs Field's. Bub and I played Wii there..it was rather quiet and boring LOL! LAter on we ate and watched my cousins play Wii. Below is a picture of my Uncle and Ma playing Beer Pong this accelerated way.. haha.. We left at 9 and watched a movie.

Monday I worked Tuesday I worked. Wednesday I was off and took the day to go with Bub to hollister. He wanted to go to the Gilroy outlets so we went and he bought my some stuff from the Charolette Russe over there. It was a relaxing day. We went to Casa De Fruita (yumm!) Anywhoo..it's saturday today..I mea n FRIDAY! Gosh! i've been behind in my days my weeks go by in a blur! I'm hanging with Bub tonight..going to ahve a few mixed drinks and chill I guess. I'll be sure to post sooner rather than later!! AHH!!
P.S. I felt like I had more to blog about..I forgot hmm...


Miss♥Nikka said...

Girl you looks gorgeous! You and your bf look so cute together! :]

Okay those sandals are hella cute! And the dress you wore is cute. Where is it from? I have a top that is similar to it but I want the dress. Hehe.

Valerie said...

As always Jennika, you look stunnig! I always love your outfits, you have a great sense of style <3

And you and your bf are SOOOOO cute together! I love how he has been featured in 2 blog posts already, I am sure that is his goal haha =)

I love how your hair looks in all your pics and you have beautiful eyes!

ipehishere said...

ohh u looking pretty on ur pic.. how u did ur eyebrow ? :D