A random Thursday

Dress: Forever21
Sandals: AE Outfitters
Earrings: F21
So, today was the beginning of my 7day unwanted vaca from work! Slept in until 11am. Went home an chilled until 3 when I started to get ready to get picked up by Bub's at 5. I ordered us pizza from pizza hut and we went back to his house to go watch the LAKER GAME!!! We were both nervous we kept flipping back and forth from the game to a movie. HAHA..OH! but before that when we first got to his house I was starvin marvin and I wanted to grub. Bub was serving me and his brother came in and sat at the kitch table. SO, i was done getting my pizza and his brother says, "Jenn can I ask a ?" I'm like "Wat?" ( I kno it sounds like a rude response BUT if u knew his brother you would b thinkg OMG wat now steven!) Anywhoo..He asks "Are you pregnant" WTF..I'm like how do you ask someone THAT? let alone a female..He's like its just a question. OHEMGEE I was sooo upset and embarrassed. Bub didn't say anything but he's an idiot sock him. I lost my appettite. I went to the room really hurt. I was like I'm not eating. DAMN WAT A WAY TO MAKE A CHICK FEEL UGLY! it was a big punch to the face like hello no manners!! I know i'm thick but I don't think I have a babi belly. ANyway..eventually I got over it..ate and yaddayadda. I was still irritated by the damn dude either way (he's 23 btw). After eeating and between the game I fell asleep while Bub showered, shampood and shined. I wanted to go home by 9 so bub took me. I need to be here went he cable man comes to install cable in my room sEHA!! I've been regular channels and have become addicted to COPS, The View, and Street Court haha!
Also, manana I wana find something cute to wear to Milpitas saturday because that is where Bub and I decided to go since I have the weekend off. I dont have a ton of money but my mission is to find a jewlery storage and then I'll film a jewlery collection vid. I'm excited to go to Dave&Busters also. Tomorrow I'm hopeing me n buba n our friends decide to go to the drive in just to relax and I want to watch Toy Story!!! whoop whoop! Anyway, I felt like doing a blog at midnight. LOL. I'll post for ya'll soon after the weekend! If you guys have any requests lemme knoooo!


edk.dolce said...

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Valerie said...

I loooove your dresss! The color and the style! super cute <3

I always love your shoes! You always have the cutest shoes! ahhhh <3

And i saw those earrings at f21 last weekend and I reallyyy wanted to buy them but i was like nooo and now that i see it on you, I want them!

And whatever that guy said just ignore it! You are freaking gorgeous and you know guys are stupid and insensitive. And he just reinforced the idea!

Valerie said...

OH! and the laker game! I watched it and I was sooo exciteddd that we won! I want to go to the parade but its on monday and I work monday =(

And enjoy your time away! Take pictures =)

Jennika Krystal said...

edk.dolce thanks I did follow your blog!

Valerie..thanks so much doll for the compliments and time you take to read my blog!