Skin Care Routine

So...My skin is Combination/Oily, I rarely break out, which I am sooo thankful for. My T zone killlsss me when it's oily. I've been using Sally Hansen makeup and soon I'll be trying Maybelline..anyway, this is my routine..

Mornings: I usually wake up and take a shower, afterwards I use this Morning burst shine control face wash with exfoilating beads. It usually leaves my face feeling fresh and rid of oils.

Before putting my makeup on: I apply Clean&Clear pore perfecting moisturizer. Loves it! I never feel like its totally packing on more crap on my face, the smell is refreshing like its actually doing something! lol..

Once a week: perferrably every Sunday, for me, I use this in shower facial. You apply it and let the steam work with the mask. Your supposed to leave it only a minute, I leave it for three so I can feel the tingly sensation. It removes any dry excess skin and your face feel unbelievably smooth!

Every night: I'll remove my makeup with this foaming cleanser. Loves it! Used with warm water..it makes my skin completely clean..and although, without applying any sort of night cream it makes my face a little dry I'm okay with that because I don't want any sort of oil in my skin before I fall asleep..

And that is my routine..Clean&Clear product are the one face product that work so great with my skin. I love them! I only use the basics because my skin doesn't break out usually. But I'm sure their acne treatments are wonderful as well.

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