To be skinny... Or not..

So.. For my height Im supposed to Weigh 135. I'm about 40lbs over weight. Yikes!
I'm thick and it's flattering in some ways bu when my pants feel like there sqeezing me impolitely in all the wrong places and my arms look like the hulks in a strapless, it sucks!
Not to mention my actual reason for having overly oily skin and break outs and occasional bad BO (tmi), is all cuz of
My weight gain and bad eating habits!
I don't wana look like Nicole Richie I wana be healthy. And healthy for me is 135. If I thunk about it generally 40lbs is ONLY 40lbs but if I get technical.. Do u kno how long it might take a woman to lose 40lbs? Lol..
Ugh.. It won't hurt me to eat a healthy snack size bfast.. Or work out or 20mins before I take a shower or before I go to bed. I just need the motivation.. I'm lazy and always sleepy BUT thts because of my unhealthiness!
I hate getting hot fast, I hate feeling like I'm breathing really loud, or looking like a heffer in all my cute outfits.
O to be thin.. I signed up for a bet between myself and seven other coworkers, for whomever loses the most weight between us all gets the "pot". The pot being the total amount of money we all put in (20$ ea.).
I love fruit I looove salads and thts all gravy it's those damned greasy fast foods
Tht offer quick meals tht get to me..
So my goals are to..

Eat something small when I wake up
Drink plenty of water-cut outthe sugar drinks
Eat smaller portions and/or chewy slowly (doing so makes u feel satisfied, ur brain take 10mins to process if u full)
NO fast food.. Resturants on special
Occasions hehe
And exercise 20 mins a day

Yupyup.. Let's see how this goes..
Wish me luck!!

-- JennikaLuv frm my iPhone


Eva said...

i'm new to your blog & I this post about your weight spurred me to follow. It's refreshing for a young woman to be honest & ur case bluntly honest about their weight issues. I applaud you for taking a step towards realizing your goals :) I too am carrying some extra pounds and reading this had me questioning my own eating habits & ur right i'm sleep cuz i'm overweight :( ty for sharing all of this I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Jennika Krystal said...

O! I'm so glad someone finally gave me some input on this post. I'm very thankful that you commented and appreciate this post and that it was the reason you chose to follow. I usually don't like to be brutally honest with my weight around those cose to me..but the older I get its just like UGH i need to deal with it. Anyway, I will definitly update! Thanks again!

Ali Skye said...

i am also now following your blog!!! i don't want to lose weight, but the things you said about having the motivation really inspired me to do things that i have been putting off. you are my motivation in a way! i am now a follower and i think your blog is very good!

Ali Skye

Ali Skye said...

and also, good luck! :)