Weekend Recap

Friday! Enjoyed my day off! I was supposed to go to my orientation for my 2nd job at 830am, I planned on waking up at 645am. I woke up at 530 and was like ehh..more sleep. I heard my phone get a text and I woke up, my bf wished me luck..I look at time 840am WTF!!! I set my alarm for 645 PM! OMFG. I called and whined a message on the phone of the woman giving the orientation. I got ready, I still had plans to shop. Luckily, she returned my call and said I could meet with her then. Whoohoo! Got my badge and all kindsa other info. Good to go! Went shopping..Came back and did a quick outfit change and left to head BACK to Fresno to go watch Clash of the Titans with bub. Great movie. We ate at Me&Ed's Coney Grill. Awesome! Went to a few more stores then headed back. Went to Casino with friends..major headache there from all the cigarette smells. Boring! Left to Fresno to some "party"..what a bust...ended up at home at 3.
Saturday! Worked 2-8. Hurried home to get ready because I wanted to make it in time to watch the UFC fight's that were on. Saw last one..horrible fight. We chilled. I drank some PAssion Rum with Pineapple juice..yumm! Got a buzz but I was totally exhausted. I left at 2 by myself to Bub's house. He came home an 1hr 1/2 later. Good night!
Sunday! Worked 2-830, it was raining! (A rainbow came out!) Grabbed some Denny's with Bub for dinner. Came home and blogged it! Check out my two previous posts!
Monday! Had an interview with an Animal Shelter this morning at 10. I went, filled out an app. then got sent home? I thought I was supposed to meet with someone. As I was leaving I got a call from the office..Whoops! Receptionist didn't know. I returned and had a good itnerview..To my surprise they brought up a nother position ultimately giving me the opportunity to work my way up to a Vet TEch without going to school! OMG DREAM COME TRUE! I jumped on it..I got to set up another interview with the actualy Veterinarian there Wednesday morning at 8am. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get any position, vet tech or receptionist. I'm so happy how many opportunities I've been getting since trying to find another job..Anywhoo..that's about all. :)

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Molly Tamale said...

Good Luck on your job hun!

& to answer your question about foundation. So you're more on the oily side? My sister is too...but she hates wearing the Studio Fix Fluid...she said it makes her even more oily...I told her to set her foundation with a powder and blot once throughout the day..

LOL she actually set her Studio Fix Fluid with the Studio Fix POWDER...that's a foundation on top of another foundation...full coverage but that makes it even more oily.

I actually like how your foundation looks on your skin.

Try setting it with select sheered pressed powder for less oily but full coverage.

Your skin looks very smooth I think you can maybe try Studio Scult foundation? It's thicker for me and its more full coverage.

As for the oily thing...its hard to find any foundation that will make it less oily. Your skin will be like how it is..cant really stop it...