Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin:
Yea...I don't know about this. I've been using for almost a month. Not happy. It hasn't quite reduced my shine. It definitly doesn't apply well with my Essence of Beauty blender brush..I resort to my fingers. Which is much better. I don't like the coverage. It doesn't last me any longer than six hours which is a bust if I'm heading out of town and want to look silky the whole way through. Hmm.. I'm kinda at a loss of words now. That's the gist of how I feel about this product on my skin. I also purchsed the concealer from this line. It's rather watery. Definitely doesn't conceal anything.
What should I try next? Clinique?
Hard Candy Volumnizing Mascara:
Well.. I actually like this item. I've been searching for a color to match my HiP cream liner and this is definitly it! Although, I don't know why they say it's volumizing the wand is definitely for length. At first try I used just this product and applied 3 coats, it clumped. Ack! Second time around I applied this mascara first then one more coat of my Lash Blast volumnizing mascara and it was muuch more workable. I would recommend it.

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Valerie said...

Oh noo! I was at target today and I was thinking about trying the color stay foundation! I heard mixed reviews but now I am soo glad I didn't buy it.

I have used clinque for YEARS and all the foundations I try DON'T last on me. I even use their powder but a couple hours into work or school I see my makeup gone. Now I am using Cover girl's aquasmooth foundation. Its cheaper and for me it lasts all day. You don't need a powder for the foundation, but I always put it to make sure my makeup lasts all day. So thats my suggestion =) I hope you find a better foundation<3