China Glaze Cherry Pop!

Hello Dolls! I recently went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply in dyer need for China Glaze. I love to get my nails done and adore designs but my nail salon is not that talented with designs. So I figured I would just start doing a solid color. Also, while I love the pampering of a manicure I have other bills to pay and I recently saw a YouTube video on sccastaneda's youtube (check her out HERE and subscribe!) about applying Acyrilic nail for beginners with a Kiss product and I loved how east it looked so I'll be trying that within the next two weeks and do a review.
Anywhoo, there was a sale by 2 for $10. I only got four because I was on a time limit and I couldn't pick which colors were really unique to me, if I had time and more money I probably just would have taken all of them!
So I bought (from left to right), from the Up&Away collection Peachy Keen; which is a lovely light orange color I'm wearing on my toes as of now, Lubu Heels (which was mentioned on JLovesMac1's youtube); a beautiful red color with black sparkles, another Up&Away colletive High Hopes; a summer pink, and lastly Watermelon rind; a fun green with sparkles of silver.
I hope to get more China Glaze!

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