Weekend Recap

Monday Mornings are a drab... I'm relaxing and chilling before work, again! Another night of closing. So..let me blog!
Friday! Worked as usual. Went home and got ready and went to Bub's. I was soo tired. I drank half a Four Loco, and watched they guys play some Wii. They were ready to play beer pong at 12 and I wanted to sleep. So I did! I fell asleep for like an hour..and a half..woke up around 3 and listening to the loud asses for a while until about 430 they left to Jack. Bub stayed, his drunk butt was Beer pong champ, for a second weeekend ina row. Whoop! lol. I fell back to sleep around 530.
Saturday! Worked at 130 until 915. Went by super fast because it was super busy, thank goodness. Rushes home and got ready with the quickness. It was just Javi, myself, and Bub. Drank the rest of my Four Loco, and got a buzz real quick hehe. We went to get Dos Equis, had about one of those and we started watching The Crazies. Javi got called outside to his 'cougar' (older woman he's messing with) and I started to eat a ice cream. We made sandwiches lol and finished watching the rest of the movie.. and as we were about to hit the hay at 230 Javi decided to come bak! lol. He got his sandwich and left. Very chill night.
Sunday! Work..ugh! Decent day-ish. But, we were having a Cashier meeting. Luckily, I didn't have to attend till the last hour. Just a bunch of nonsense. Came home and couldn't fall asleep right away. So it's monday now and I was supposed to go to the clinic to get a TB test for the school job I landed. OH yea! I did great in my interview! haha..But I was exhausted..so tomorrow, on my day off, I'll attempt to go again. I work wednesday a very short shift then have Thurs. off and work the rest of the weekend. Pay day friday! I'm hoping to get some new makeup..Next check I'll probably start shopping for summer clothes!
Yup..that's about it.. Till next week!
Coming up: Weekend outfitts III, Weekend Recap, March Faves..any other requests?

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