It's Monday!
My weekend was okay! LOL.
Got of work at nine went home to get ready and headed to Bub's house! The guys were already there and playing beer pong. Everyone left around 2 and tht was that. Slept in a lil and woke up at 12 to go get ready for another work day!
Left work an hour early, eight to be exact. Got ready and headed to a friends house where everyone already were at. Another night of beer pong. Had a few drinks. O and my girlfriend from work came to have a beer she left within the house. After beer pong was all over, which I'd like to add Bub's was the champ that night. We all talked about going to denny's for like two hours and finally went at Five o'clock on the morning. OHEMMGEE what a late night meal! LOL. The waitress so was soo upset. We were a nuiscense. It was awful but funny. Finally went to sleep at six.
Woke up at twelve. Got ready to head to Fresno. Today was my beb Noah's 4th birthday!! We went to a place called the SuperMall and I got a pair of glasses. Went to JambaJuice! Yumm! I was not having any luck finding a present. At Toys R Us Bubba found this aweesome glow in the dark Hulk mask, and my beb Noah is really into the hulk right now, so Phillip got it for him. We made a pit stop at Ross where I found two totally cute outfits for the little monster. We went to Urban Outfitters and phillip bought a beer pong rack. We ended out Fresno trip with dinner at my fave restuarant BJ's. AMAZING fried chicken sandwich. It was soo late when we arrived two and a half hours late to Noah's party. It was a last minute party at Round Table and they had already ate, cut the cake, and had just finished opening present by the time we got there. We watched him open his presents and I gotta say ours were THE best, lol. He loved his mask, as you can see in the picture! We just went home after played some Wii and I took at 9 o' clock nap and didn't fall asleep until Two! I was watching Donnie Darko, and I made bub's watch it too so he only got two and a half hours of sleep..Eek!
Today is Monday..
I close for the next two days then have wednesday off. Thursday I open and have to come home to get rady for my 3:40 interview with the school district. Hope I get it!!



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