Feby's Favies

And we begin.. with my first favorites. I've decided to become a loyal blogger, rather than Youtuber. I can't seem to always get motivated to make a film; and typing is simple for me! Anywhoo, this is my first favorties..anything. Enjoy!

This is my floral tote purse from Forever21. I recieved this at the begenning of Feb., sometime after Vday. I believe it was 15.80. I loved how it looked! Although the strap is rather longer than I had hoped for its oversized and spacious. I might cut and shorten the straps..eventually. BTW I have a What's In My Purse video up on my Youtube, which was my last live video. Click Here if you would like to see it. Also, if anyones interested in an updated version..call me! lol
My suede, tan, platform pumps from Forever21 are my absolute favorite shoe I have ever owned!! They are soooo comfortable, it's ridiculous. They cost
19.80. They are not available anymore and WHAT a bummer because..mine are ruined, lol. You can't tell from this photo..but yes, they are. I fell..and they scuffed..and ugh. I can't even talk about it. So I can really only wear them with long pants.

Sally Hansen natural beauty foundation. What I love about this is the color match!..That's about it. I have recently developed overly oily skin. It's become such a problem. Prior to this I was using Almay ritually and it was my fave but once the oil started practically dripping I decided to switch things up. I chose this..like I said the color match is perfect but it's not helping my skin any so within the next month I will probably turn from drugstore products to Sephora or Mac, I'm not sure yet.

Clean & Clear is the one facial product that had been working for me since..forever. I love Lush so this past Vday I bought some products to help with my oily skin. But, I still use Clean&Clear to remove my makeup. This foam dissolving stuff works like a charm!! You wet your face with warm water, pump a few times from the bottle then gently wash your face, and rinse with warm water! It makes my face feel so fresh and clean and the makeup is all gone! I definitely recommend!

This small planner is from Glitzy-glam.com, which you may or may not know is from Blair and Elle @youtube's website. I think they are currently sold out but it was about 12-13 dollars. I love it! This is an amazing organized planner that keeps me in check! I usually fall short with keeping up with my planners but its so well divided and easy I religiously look and update it.

My last favorite of Febuary is my Love Rock's purfume by Victoria Secret. I recieved this as a gift but I think this sized bottle is between 15-20 dollars. The smell is mature and romantic! It's one of the stronger purfumes I have and that I normally don't go for, but I fell for this one! It's not like as strong as the "old lady" purfume from Avon or anything.. Mature and Romantic. It makes you want to follow the person who is wearing this just to figure out what it is called. I can't compare it to any distinct smell because it very much it's own.

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed my Feby favies.. Stay tuned for next month and more blogs!


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