Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Today is semi-sunny with clouds definitly rolling in later this afternoon! =) I have to go to work at 115 today. I am drinking a cup of coffee from my beautiful Puerta Vallarta cup I got from Mexico centuries ago. I woke up to my grandparents car alarm sounding off in the garage which is directly infront of my room. So yesterday I worked 115-8 and it was an easy day. I hope it flows the same tonight.
Alot of things have been occuring good and bad. The good is I've had an interview with Macy's last week, which I don't think I'll get called back for because after being interviewed and scanning the area it didn't seem like the right enviorment for me. I also have an interview next Thursday with the county school district for instuctional aids, which would be an awesome job! Although, I wouldn't keep the full time my only job, I only get paid once a month! Eek!! Lastly, while browsing like usual through the jobs at my local mall the new Forever21 FINALLY issued a post for hiring new employees for the new store! I immediatly sent in my resume..hell ya I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one! Folding clothes sucks..but its forever21!!!
Anywhoo.. Tonight after work I'm heading to my Bub's house to spend the night. The next day I get paid and need to put gas and also meet my friend to go get a battery for bub's car. I close Friday and Saturday but I get Sunday off, chea!
Sunday me n Bub are planning on going to merced to eat Mountain Mikes (best pizza ever) and then head to Modesto to go to the mall. I need to by my babi Noah a birthday gift.. hmm.. probably clothes. That little chunky monkey never appreciates the toys I want to buy him.
So.. I'll leave it at that I'll probably do some Outfit of the Night posts and my weekend recap Sunday..we'll see.


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