First weekend of March Twenty-Ten

Friday! I had to open..once again for work. After I was relieved tht tonight my bub and I were just going to relax. We ate Carl's Jr and watched 2012. I ended up falling asleep late anyways! I woke up early to get ready to head to work at 7am! My day went by super fast!

Saturday! Got up from my nap and got ready to go bowling in Fresno with the guys and Anita. It was fun!! Drank to strawberry daquiris..delish!! I suck at bowling!!!! Bub had a blst..it as a good night that ended at a decent time!

Sunday! Worked another morning shift. It was so busy and, luckily, went by fast! I came home and was exhausted but got ready to head to Bub's to hang out. I took a short nap..we grubbed..watched tv..played th Wii. Overall nice weekend. Cannot wait for the next since this past weekend was my LAST opening, hopefully for a while. As for the rest ofthe week I work a whole bunch Tuesday is my day off and I just want to be a bum, aside from going and applying for a job at a school. I close all week and weekend. I hope it goes by quickly, the weather has been great and it would be awesome to have a bon fire this weekend! Yupp!


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