Heyyy ya'll

So..it has been about FOREVER since I've blogged. I honestly dont have the motivation for it. boo..I KNOW. I've gotten a NEW twitter.. follow me! http://twitter.com/jennikakrystal

I plan on uploading pics, give tips and updates on my LIFE.

BUT..for now I'll let you guys know.. I made a career change. I am currently attending Paul Mitchell The School for cosmetology. I love it. My goal is to be a freelance wedding MUA and Stylist. I don't mind working in a salon until I build my clientel but its awesome. I love making people feel good and being creative in that way. Who knows if it is what i'll do FOR THE REST of my life..but I am looking forward to opportunites.

So far.. I've been able to do a bride's hair, assist with makeup and hair in another wedding, attend a makeup class in LA with the lovely Micheline Pitt. attend a phenomenal specialty class with Debra Dietrich...and have been given the chance recently to assist at a salon (but thts kinda illegal right now cuz i'm not liscenced lmao).

Anywho... I hope the few subscribers I have Follow me on Twitter. I've been kinda addicted recently. I just started my "Tips" today. I want to share the knowledge I have from school with everyone because, there are plenty of people who want and can be informed as well.


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I love that outfit!!
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